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    Solid Fabrications 3" Track Exhaust DC5

    If you get 3” solid fab exhaust you should 100% get the manifold to go with it, it sounded sick on my dc5 and just to add mine fitted perfectly first time when Alan fitted it
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    Sticky Number Plate Removeal

    The one I took off my car last week came straight off after being on the car for 3 years! It‘s still usable [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Why is everyone selling up?

    Mines for sale because I don't use it and looking at buying something in particular. I think I have priced it fairly and I'm open to offers but no one has contacted me about it [emoji53] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Suspension choices?

    I'm with you on this one, I wish I had gone for coilovers from the off, One day I will get some bilstein for the pure fact I like the ride height how I want it and the spoon spring/oem damper combo is abit on the bouncy side, also TGM installed mine without the sleeves from oem springs so...
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    Mugen Bumper cover Type R sticker

    they are in the uk also, some laws are meant to be broken :xgrin:
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    Greenlight Insurance - Give them a try!

    Green light are by far the best for me. every other broker I've attempted to contact via recommendation on this forum haven't even answered the phone....
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    Mugen Bumper cover Type R sticker

    I vote no then
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    Hard Water + OCD

    just take it to the polish car wash's :xcheers:
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    4 x Spark Plug Cover Bolts

    There just m6 dome nuts, Can get them from Honda or eBay. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    De-cat no mapping question

    I'm running injen 3" intake with solid fab race header and 3" cat back. No problems or EML light here 👌🏼
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    Personal steering wheels

    im using a personal 330, love it
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    What should I do with my dc5 next?

    I mean fitment wise... they all vary in thickness 🙂
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    What should I do with my dc5 next?

    They are the same John, I put a DC5 OEM rear roll bar on my uk ep3 years ago. The only ones that are different are the front ones on ep3 you need the jdm arb to clear jdm manifolds 🙃
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    Braided clutch line

    Lewis do you have invoice for this you can send me so I can order one from HEL?
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    Master cylinder

    I think it needs greasing where the ball meets the socket on the end of the slave cylinder which means removing the slave? That's where the pig sounds like it lives