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    Speed Limiter Query

    HKS SLD (Speed Limit Defender) is a simple unit wired into the ECU to delimit the car. If you wanted something with additional functionality you could get an Apexi RSM
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    5,000 miles honda DC5 help advice needed!

    To me mileage means nothing. How the car was treated and maintained matters much more. I would pay more for a car with 500,000kms that has been looked after than a car with 5,000kms thats clearly been abused in some way. Again without knowing how much you paid for it its a hard one to call...
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    Locking the hatch without a battery?

    the boot lid trim has a small removable panel that allows you access to the actuator. you will see a lever on this mechanism that allows manual locking/unlocking of the boot. You might have to crawl in through the back seats though to do it though. I'm not sure that the lever will stay in...
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    Rhino lip wanted

    result 1 and 2 on Google
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    Carbon Fibre Door Pillar Covers

    where are these from?
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    Code P1166 & P1167 After Changing Shifter Cables

    cleared the codes but P1166 keeps coming back
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    Code P1166 & P1167 After Changing Shifter Cables

    not sure, i'll clear them today and see what happens
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    Code P1166 & P1167 After Changing Shifter Cables

    Bit of a long story here... I was changing out my shifter cables and while I was under the car the O2 sensor wire was getting in the way. I tried to unplug it but I couldn't get the right angle at it so I just left it and worked around it. Inside the car I unplugged pretty much everything...
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    EV cars and unleaded availability

    think about the average age of a second hand car right now, probly 15 years old right? After the 2030 cut off that gives us until around 2045 before almost all cars on the road have moved away from fossil fuels. And thats assuming 2030 doesnt get pushed back. I think I'll wait till 2040 before...
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    Quick headlight fix?

    +1 for new headlights. i got a set a few months ago in prep for a full respray hopefully next year. I've refurbed my headlights a few times, both myself with kits and once professionally. results are always pleasing but do fade over time. it wasnt until i saw brand new lights that i realised...
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    carbon parts weight

    i dont know how much any carbon parts weight, but your pretty rude so i just felt like wasting your time
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    What fuel do you use in your dc5?

    finally someone who makes some sense!!! some of the posts i see here and on facebook you'd swear we were driving million euro supercars!!! haha
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    Behind rear bumper help

    is it the bracket thats only about a foot long and pretty much dead center in the rear panel? thats the number plate bracket. they commonly rust away to nothing. i just removed mine. my number plate is screwed into the bumper itself so there was no need for it the crash bar is lower down and...
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    Sourcing water leaks

    the seam sealer behind the rear lights got me recently too. replaced the light seals thinking that was the issue but still got a flooded wheel well. took a few buckets of water to find the source and the crack in the seam sealer was barely noticeable. stripped it back, resealed and its been bone...
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    Radio surround in titanium

    looks pretty good. i would do the radio surround too