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    Back in another DC5!

    I hope you enjoy it Myles, and it continues to be bettered. Glad it's gone to a good home. I am still having withdrawal symptoms :D
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    Fan heater not blowing hot air

    I had the same issue as you - I replaced my heater blower resistor underneath the glovebox for £12 delivered from eBay as the resistances were wrong, vibrations over time can do it, you can check it with any old multimeter or just take a gamble and replace it.
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    Insurance for those in their 30s

    It really is postcode dependant. I've basically got the same stats and car as you, I paid £289, £25 more than last year but I'm Derbyshire/Ashbourne way. A friend has an Oldham postcode and his premiums make my eyes water.
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    Help with a few bits, rust, engine mounts, bushes etc

    As Patch stated, the inside rear arch panel that connects to the outside arch you see usually has a gap between 0.5m and 1mm around the edge. Once water and salt gets in there, it's a time bomb. The dc2's and s2000's had arch liners as standard, but people never cleaned them and they held in all...
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    Bush kit ?

    I re-bushed my DC2 myself, never again, not without a ramp, a second car so there is no rush to get something done over a weekend, etc. I would happily pay someone a grand or whatever it cost to do that job.
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    Miller's Nano-Drive

    Yeah, I'm being serious, mainly wondering if it is a small world.
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    Miller's Nano-Drive

    Hey Chris, my mate has just got his PHD and works for Castrol as he is a complete boffin when it comes to the science of oil and says the same thing as your friend states so I can back it up, unless we both have the same friend - Dave with the Focus RS and Fiesta's ??
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    Miller's Nano-Drive

    I use Miller's, ever since the b series days. Both 5w40 for the b18c6 and 10w50 for the turbo b18c4 block on a c6 head and even after 6k and 2 trackdays and the oil reading never changed. Had the DC5 for 4 years + and used miller's nanodrive since it came out, again it never uses a drop after...
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    Noisy Pedals

    My clutch pedal has squeaked for 3/4 years now. It's just one of those backburner jobs....
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    My 2p - if I was a buyer, I would be happy buying a heavily modified car in terms of performance modifications as it means I can potentialy make money back changing the parts I don't like, with the only exception being that I would shy away from something known to have been turbocharged. As long...
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    Gran Turismo Sport - November 2016

    You can get this brand new delivered for under £18 now via eBay, tempted to go for it if they are bringing in a GT mode in.
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    Advice on carpet repairs, window strips and paint damage

    Awesome, thanks Alex!
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    Advice on carpet repairs, window strips and paint damage

    Does anyone have any part numbers for the bottom window strips and b-pillar trims? Cheers.
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    ^^ That is the nicest picture of a silver DC5 I have ever seen.
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    Insurance company list, details & quotes (2017 - Current Date)

    Thanks for the list, reminded me of a few companies I've not tried in a few years - just bought a new car and A-plan were the cheapest for me as they can mirror NCB, worth remembering them as they were good with me on the DC2 as well. Had to call Sky, A-plan, Chris Knott, etc. multiple times for...