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    Help finding what this is

    Block it off with a rubber cap. As above, it’s the idle air assist valve connection which has clearly been removed from your car anyway.
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    MOT Advisories

    Well at least you’ve eliminated that then. Sounds like you wanna have a crawl around underneath and have a good check. Or see if you can speak to the MOT garage and book in for the investigation.
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    MOT Advisories

    Could it be rocker cover gasket? Common place to get a leak.
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    Indoor car cover advise please…

    Nope. Not heated - just a double garage attached to the side of the house. Gets cold but not damp
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    Indoor car cover advise please…

    I have a fantastic indoor cover. Car is in the garage all of the time but I have a small workshop in there too so I’m making a mess a lot of the time. It’s never caused me condensation, moisture or other issues at all :)
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    Silicon inlet breather pipe with 90 degree bend

    Interested to hear response. I have black and a switch to red would be good!
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    Behind the Dash Fuel Gauge Wire

    Not sure if it helps or not tbh, but this thread seems to list an Integra wiring for some blue connectors… It suggests yellow/white for fuel gauge on pin 14 of the 16 pin connector. I have no...
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    Aftermarket Steering wheel - SRS Light delete…

    The resistor is normally inserted in the two connections on the airbag cable/connector. So you unplug the airbag, and then Insert the resistor into the connector to “fool” the car in believing the airbag is still present.
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    Air assist valve bypass delete

    Only just ordered the bits but if it works out right total cost is about £8.
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    Air assist valve bypass delete

    Panic not, I’ve just sourced the bits separately now - just std 3/8 NPT blank and some vac hose caps.
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    Air assist valve bypass delete

    Anyone got a link to the cheaper kit? EBay link above seems dead now. Ta!
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    EP3 Fog Light Switch Install (Via Power Mirrors)

    Sorry can’t help, mine works exactly as it should :)
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    PO217 Code Showing Help Please…

    Glad you got it sorted. I’m changing my rad this week so I bet I’ll have the same problems!
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    Rear brake disc stone guards/back plates.

    Thanks! Useful update. Yeah I’ve found most dealer sourced parts come from Belgium too, no doubt a European Honda parts distribution centre there somewhere. if you’ve got a part number then you can search the web on that too - sometimes find some bits on forums. Have you tried any...