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  1. civboy

    Exhaust catalog of DC5R Integra new link of the catalogue as the origional vid has been removed ea6xpwciZEU Brand ındex Honda OEM 0:01 Mugen Sports 0:27 Fujitsubo Legalis R 0:45 Fujitsubo Power Getter 1:04 Fujitsubo RM-01A 1:24 5Zigen Int. ProRacer X-Tube S-Spec 1:44 HKS Silet...
  2. civboy


    hey people right could ne 1 give me as many reasons y i should sell my eg6 vti for a dc5 integra cos im just picking my head what to do help plz lol
  3. civboy


    hey fellow members , i drive a eg6 at the mo sellin up at the end of the yr debating either on a 98+spec jdm dc2 or a dc5 in feb :lol: