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  1. dotty

    Double din - dab - car play -Pioneer

    After hours of research I have ordered one of these. Not from Halfords as they have none left it seems, even tried to order one via Halfords Ireland as suggested to me...
  2. dotty

    Treating arch rust

    Just been checking over the car and observed a couple of small rust patches on the arches, nothing sinister as its only surface rust from stones I expect - but want to get it attended to. I will pay a visit to TGM shortly and get a quote from Willie for a respray. Has anyone had their arches...
  3. dotty

    New moderator - CaLi

    The admin and moderator team would like to announce that 'CaLi' is now a forum moderator :) Thanks :D
  4. dotty

    Kmh>mph convertors. Where is yours fitted ?

    I've recently developed a problem with my speedo jittering about and I have pinpointed it to my convertor. I have a Buddyclub bonnet and it's great for a bit of engine cooling but it exposes the back area of the engine where (I think) my convertor is currently fitted. I am looking to buy a new...
  5. dotty


    You may be able to see snowflakes falling from the screen, if it annoys you, you can simply press 'snow off' on the menu bar, but it is rather festive ;)
  6. dotty

    Thank you to PORTHOS

    Porthos has decided to step down as a moderator on here as he has sold his Teg, I am sure you will all agree that his help with running the forum as well as producing graphics etc have been invaluable, so this is just a public thank you for all his help over the past years. Thank you Ian.
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  8. dotty

    For the attention of all Traders.

    We DO NOT allow advertisement from any kind of Business or Individual, UNLESS you are an Authorised and paid up Trader. This is designed in order to protect the integrity of the website and also individuals. If you would like to use this website to offer your Goods or Services then we request...
  9. dotty

    Couple of changes

    You should all be able to see the 'Sold parts' section now (just below the parts for sale section) Also, in the online list along the bottom, traders 'should' show up in blue and moderators in green. Thanks :D
  10. dotty

    Where does your DC5 live at night?

    Just being nosey really, but wondering what your parking set up was at home? PICS! I currently have off road parking but all being well will be moving to a house which has a garage (at last!) I have measured the width of the garage and I will have roughly 75cm to play with to get out of the car...
  11. dotty

    The "what have you done to your DC5 this weekend" thread

    Seen this idea on another forum and is quite popular.. So I will get the ball rolling! This weekend I have.............. Cleaned my spare mats with carpet cleaner :) They are still a bit wet, but they look really good :lol:
  12. dotty

    CUSCO paint code

    I am getting a set of CUSCO anti roll bars (front and rear) soon but they need repainting. Does anyone know what the paint code is? I have heard Vauxhall Arden blue is close but wondering if anyone knows for sure. Also will the DC5 OEM ARB's fit an EP3? I have a feeling the rear one will but...
  13. dotty

    Seat rail bolt size

    Quick question what size are the bolts that fit the rail to the base of the seat? Also does anyone have any spare :)
  14. dotty

    ARC small problem - big headache!

    Hello :D I check my engine over once a week for any potential issues. This week I had a chirping noise in the bay, upon inspection it would appear one of the brackets for the ARC has snapped, they were rubbing together hence the 'chirp' This is what one of the brackets looks like...
  15. dotty

    'K20' number plates

    Who has one? the reason I ask, is because my next car is going to have a K20, however my plate on my Teg reads R111TEG - I am toying with the idea of selling it, but then if I leave it on it could be a selling point? If someone had a K20 plate they might want to swap with mine, then I may...
  16. dotty

    Please vote for me.. well my car

    Hi guys, I have entered a Yuasa competition, and my entry looks to be one of the more popular ones :) The link to it is here All you have to do is click on the 'vote' button just below it. I have pimped this on the forum FB...
  17. dotty


    Where did you get yours from? Asking on behalf of a friend ;)
  18. dotty

    View on Text speak

    Just to clarify that text speak will NOT be tolerated on this forum. It reflects the standard of the members that we don't tolerate it and makes the forum a far easier place to find information, and far less stressful in reading posts. Internet abbreviations are fine such as IMO, IIRC, FFS and...
  19. dotty

    RBC and throttle body bypass?

    Hi, just been to check over the car as I haven't done it in a couple of weeks, I was checking the fittings around where the air induction pipe fits to the throttle body, I noticed that on the throttle body there was an outlet pipe.. with nothing attached. I assume this is normal :lol:
  20. dotty

    Mase returning to the UK 20/21 Jan 2012

    Just a heads up for people :) http://type-r-owners...o-Day-Jan-20-21 He is very good..