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  1. civboy

    Ebay Timing Chain kit

    Japserviceparts, parts are Genuine OEM Honda, no fake product's xthumbup
  2. civboy

    Car Reving On Its Own?

    This happend to mine after leaving it in the garage for a while with out starting it, read a few thread's on here and took the TB off and took apart the IACV clean'd that up as it was sticking and not free spinning, but now after cleaning etc fitting it all back together it's 100% on idle :)...
  3. civboy


    Re: 02 sensor problem I can get hold of pre cat o2 sensor for £140 bosch and after cat £60 ngk exact fit with correct plugs :)
  4. civboy

    Just hit the big 40K

    i just hit 100,028miles in my eg6 vti and runs like a dream still :lol: cant wait till the dc5 turns up :D
  5. civboy

    I don't believe it...

    no thats not southend lol :lol:
  6. civboy

    Exhaust catalog of DC5R Integra

    the cheapest i found the j's 70RR is £869 cat bk
  7. civboy

    Exhaust catalog of DC5R Integra

    lol i love the dc5 and i try find every think for it etc lol just sold me eg6 to fund for a dc5 lol :lol:
  8. civboy

    Exhaust catalog of DC5R Integra new link of the catalogue as the origional vid has been removed ea6xpwciZEU Brand ındex Honda OEM 0:01 Mugen Sports 0:27 Fujitsubo Legalis R 0:45 Fujitsubo Power Getter 1:04 Fujitsubo RM-01A 1:24 5Zigen Int. ProRacer X-Tube S-Spec 1:44 HKS Silet...
  9. civboy


    im liking the comments so u peeps think i should move to a dc5?
  10. civboy


    either a dc2 or dc5 in mind but for the price of a 98+spec dc2 i mite aswell get a dc5 but i aint made my mind up lol just gettin reasons on things
  11. civboy


    som pics of the gal ... C00141.jpg ... C00149.jpg
  12. civboy


    hey people right could ne 1 give me as many reasons y i should sell my eg6 vti for a dc5 integra cos im just picking my head what to do help plz lol
  13. civboy


    hey fellow members , i drive a eg6 at the mo sellin up at the end of the yr debating either on a 98+spec jdm dc2 or a dc5 in feb :lol: