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  1. dotty

    History of this car

    Just get an fk8 , best type R going 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. dotty

    History of this car

  3. dotty

    Miller's Nano-Drive

    Well, someone has to :) It was at its best from 2005 - 2007.. when only a few had them!
  4. dotty

    Rare C Pack option?

    Not an official fit on the Dc5 , aftermarket only...
  5. dotty

    Best performance track legal exhaust

    3” would be better if you have forced induction. You can‘t go wrong with the following on a DC5 (which i tried and tested) Twinloop (yep despite the video on youtube stating other wise) Amuse ti (good luck finding one) but £££ Fujitsubo Rm01a Spoon b pipe and n1! (Noisy though) Avoid...
  6. dotty

    New To DC5

    If you want to be really envious follow Bloke has some amazing machines.
  7. dotty

    New To DC5

    It's good reading at the end of the day. There'll be many owners on here who have more than just a dc5 who use this forum as a well knowledgable form of info , which it has gained over many years of users , this forum was around before the social media explosion (as it happens I created the...
  8. dotty

    New To DC5

    Keep the posts coming imo. It's good reading. Envy is a cruel mistress to some.
  9. dotty

    New Civic Type R. WTF?

  10. dotty

    Spoon sports side mirror glass done properly DIY

    Got some in my garage. When are you free [emoji6]
  11. dotty


  12. dotty

    Why so cheap FL on ebay

    First rule of car buying. Avoid anything from the West Midlands.
  13. dotty

    Gear knob retaining nut

    It's your lucky day. Send me you address and I'll throw it in the post.
  14. dotty

    Toying with the idea of selling the DC5 - Rough idea on value?

    It's definitely to your financial gain if you remove the modifications that you can and sell as standard as possible. Certainly the k100 and spoon exhaust and 2-1 ; Perhaps even the induction and any trinkets such as the gear knob, oil , rad caps (if it is the ti gear knob then it's discontinued...
  15. dotty

    Which coilovers?

    You should save until you can get some good quality ones. Buy cheap buy twice ! I had eibach coilovers on and they were excellent.
  16. dotty

    Vibrating when accelerating and turning right.

    Drop it off with Tom. He will find it I'm sure.
  17. dotty

    Error code P0112

    Engine will be in limp mode if the eml is present.
  18. dotty

    Error code P0112

    Take it to Uncle Tom.
  19. dotty

    Oil - Shell Helix Ultra or Mobile 3000 x1 5w40?

    I've been using shell helix ultra for years.
  20. dotty

    Double din - dab - car play -Pioneer

    Not at the minute. Already over my 1k ice limit with the fitting of this lot to be done.