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  1. VtecPaul

    Alignment Query - Caster & drifting to one side

    Hi folks, Thought I‘d ask in here as the Facebook post didn‘t get quite the responses I was looking for, potentially due to having multiple questions on the same post. My DC5 has a tendency to drift to the right constantly (ie not just under acceleration, on all road surfaces). I recently had...
  2. VtecPaul

    Silver dash plastics - facelift change?

    Come on then you knowledgable lot.. Did the facelift DC5 change the silver plastics on the dashboard? There seems to be a “plain” silver/grey and also a “brushed” stainless/chrome type finish too. I quite like the latter, but would need the RHS vent plastics as I don‘t want a mismatch...
  3. VtecPaul

    JapFest 2020 - Early Bird Booking

    Hey folks, Received an email regarding early bird booking for JapFest 2020. Are we likely to have a club stand? Not sure how early booking works, presume you need a club name etc...? Saving of £4.50 plus free guide and mug etc.
  4. VtecPaul

    Wheel Nut Covers

    Has anyone fitted wheel nut covers over the standard wheel nuts? As per VW range of cars or similar. If so, do they fit ok, and any photos? I figured this could be an alternative to crummy looking wheel nuts, and also come in a variety of bold colours so could look good? Cheers
  5. VtecPaul

    Genuine Honda Black Wheel Nuts - DC5 Standard wheels

    Hi folks, Assume these are a direct fit to DC5 standard wheels? Looks a good price at the moment - and being OEM should be great quality and fit. Cox are a decent supplier too...! Cheers
  6. VtecPaul

    Anyone know this DC5..? Anyone know this vehicle, history or previous/current owner? Looks to be a clean car, very low miles, but has been in the country for many years. MOT history advisory points out that it has been...
  7. VtecPaul

    Guy Francis Specialist Cars - Anyone used him?

    Hey folks, Has anyone used Guy Francis to import a teg at all? He seems to import a lot of them, and from reviews or comments on other forums he comes recommended by others, but wanted to hear any feedback from you guys and gals too. I‘ve been to see him once already, and spoken to him several...
  8. VtecPaul

    Hello from Hampshire!

    Hi folks, Hope everyone is well. I thought I‘d sign up on here as I‘m potentially in the market for a pre-fl Integra Type R, going to view a new import at Guy Francis tomorrow all being well. Was good to see a few of you at Beaulieu yesterday - I actually attended in a friends CTR but spent...