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  1. PeteMTBer

    Tyre advise/ don't want to scrub

    Just whip a wheel off to check the offset. Its worth checking if it would save you money going for the re070.
  2. PeteMTBer

    Toyo or bridgestone?

    Cumbrian weather has a habbit of being cold and very wet. Really looking forward to getting these tyres on, get booked in for not and ready for some intermittent sunshine!
  3. PeteMTBer

    Toyo or bridgestone?

    I'd been looking at tyres for a while as my Pirelli PZero Nero's were approaching the limit. Couldn't decide between the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetrical 3 or the Bridgestone Potenza RE070. Today I just bit the bullet and ordered the RE070s. Hope they're as good as everyone says, and not...
  4. PeteMTBer

    its a write off!

    Their insurance company will push you to settle the claim, but don't back down! You know what it would cost to replace. They may not even have a dc5 on their system and are using dc2 figures. You are also entitled to ask for it to be repaired. Probably not the best thing to do as being a cat c...
  5. PeteMTBer

    Pioneer SPH-DA120

    I just recently picked up an SPH-DA110 second hand for a great price and had just been using the Bluetooth audio and radio. This weekend I bought an mhl to hdmi adapter and have just started playing around with it with my htc one m7. I might have to ask you a few questions once I get to grips...
  6. PeteMTBer

    clutch kits

    Personally I'd go for an oem clutch from Mine arrived in less that 24hours, which is impressive!
  7. PeteMTBer

    Moving from a jdm dc2 to.........? what next?

    The DC5 only weighs 80kg more than a JDM '98 spec DC2. I think this is usually forgotten. Dc5 has 183.9 bhp per tonne whereas the Dc2 has 179.1 bhp per tonne and then there's the extra torque.
  8. PeteMTBer

    Change Interior Bulbs Without Honda

    Mine blew within the first year of ownership and due to cost bought some LEDs from ebay for about £4 to replace them. LED's are less likely to blow. I'm now 4 years on and no problems. Something to take into account is that the LEDs are brighter, and if you use the dimmer control they do not...
  9. PeteMTBer

    Cox Motor Parts - 5% Discount negotiated

    Not long since I bought an Oem clutch from these guys. It arrived in less than 24hours! How? I don't know. Great service!
  10. PeteMTBer

    New Clutch Required

    That's good to know dotty. How long do you recommend?
  11. PeteMTBer

    New Clutch Required

    I just picked my car up tonight after getting new OEM clutch. All I can say is, why did I not do it sooner! Clutch pedal is super light and I can now change gear with 1 finger. Even from cold it just slid into 2nd like a hot knife through butter. Got to rack up 500 miles of normal driving now...
  12. PeteMTBer

    Any DC5 owners in Carlisle?

    Glad its on its way to getting sorted. We should sort out a mini meet in the area.
  13. PeteMTBer

    DIY for electric folding mirrors to open with unlock

    I think it would be better on ignition start/stop rather than unlock/lock. It would do my head in if I was just nipping out to the car to get something, or loading the car up.
  14. PeteMTBer

    Any DC5 owners in Carlisle?

    I'm just outside Carlisle mate. Didn't realize there were others around here. Give me a shout and ill happily let you have a look. I may need to wash it first, its a dirty beast at the mo.
  15. PeteMTBer

    Speedometer not working!

    I had this problem also. I removed the speed converter and ran it for a tank worth and it was fine in km. I then put the converter back in and all has been fine since. Must have done 2000 miles since putting it back. I put it down to water, as a friend of mine was a bit trigger happy with the...
  16. PeteMTBer

    It started with a VSS error

    Thanks Mark for confirming about the voltage. Also thanks David for all your help. I forgot to mention that I charged the battery before testing again. Progress has been made today! Woo hoo! I got a reply from Dave @ steels with my quote for a VSS. £103 but with estimated delivery time of...
  17. PeteMTBer

    It started with a VSS error

    Just read it from the battery. Was at 11.98v and stayed constant when I started the car. Should I have done this another way? I seem to remember my old EK4 civic used to jump up to 13-14v once started. I've sent Dave @ Steels an email and am awaiting a response about he vss. Any other places I...
  18. PeteMTBer

    It started with a VSS error

    Thanks for your help David. I have now confirmed that the alternator isn't charging the battery as the battery voltage stays exactly the same when I start the car. Got to source a VSS and try that. If alls well once that has been swapped out, i'll pop the speed converter back in and hope...
  19. PeteMTBer

    It started with a VSS error

    Thanks for that! I did think it would be unlikely and that surely I cant have that amount of bad luck all at once! Over the 3 years I've had it, it' s only ever asked for a rocker cover gasket. I'll sort the battery out and then look at getting a speed sensor. Are they the same as another model...
  20. PeteMTBer

    It started with a VSS error

    Hi everyone. The other day on my way to work my engine management light came on so thought I would have a go at reading the error codes myself following the guide. It came up with CEL 17 - Vehicle speed sensor As I was at work and a 30 mile journey home looming, I reset the ecu by pulling the...