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  1. PeteMTBer

    It started with a VSS error

    Hi everyone. The other day on my way to work my engine management light came on so thought I would have a go at reading the error codes myself following the guide. It came up with CEL 17 - Vehicle speed sensor As I was at work and a 30 mile journey home looming, I reset the ecu by pulling the...
  2. PeteMTBer

    Tegiwa M installation

    Hi All, As i'm not able to start installing my newly purchased Tegiwa M to my car just yet. (gonna practise before I attempt to mod my scuttle, plus its got to go for service and m.o.t. next week) I couldnt resist getting it out the box to start putting it together. I must say, never...
  3. PeteMTBer

    A pain in the Gasket

    Hi folks, Was checking my oil today, which I do every 700-1000 miles and usually only have to put a few drops in to top it up. It was down on the lower mark of the dipstick, so had a hunt around and came across this: I dont know a great deal when it comes to engines, but i'm guessing...