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    Cooling fans not kicking in

    Hi guys. Recently I cleaned out my iACV and obviously quite a bit of coolant came out from the pipe, so I topped it back up and a few days later it was low again, so I have topped it up again. My guess is that there was air in the system, I have tried the usual routine of leaving the radiator...
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    Restoring OEM Wind Deflectors

    Hi guys After the past few weeks being rather hot and sunny my OEM Wind deflectors have gone rather faded, Has anybody got any tips or good products that they have used to restore their wind deflectors as i dont fancy purchasing a new set for £300. Thanks
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    Solid fab exhaust

    Sorry to bring up an old post, i recently bought a solid fab to mate up with the OEM cat/manifold and i had exactly the same problems as you, hitting on the underside of the car just after where it comes off the cat flange. I cant really see a way to sort it to be honest without the rest of the...
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    Rust or old underseal?

    Hi all, recently got a DC5 and was changing the rear number plate and noticed this stuff behind the bumper and was wondering what it is. The car was actually a grade 6 import at the time back in 2007, the rest of the car is very clean and has had the underneath and arches under sealed, not...
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    Help - Hybrid racing short shifter install

    Hi Just wondering does the gear gaiter still fits over this kit?
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    Full Lock Squeak/Squeal

    Hi Recently bought a DC5 and didn't really notice it much till now but when im full locking/near full locking the car it starts to squeak/squeal a bit and its quite loud. Is this normal or any ideas what this might be? Thanks you
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    Throttle Pedal Play

    Hi everyone Recently got a DC5 and theres a little bit of play in the throttle, it moves about 3/4mm but its enough to notice it when driving. I have tightened the throttle cable as it did have a little slack but the play is still there in the pedal. Is this normal? Thanks