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  1. JordanSuth

    Factory alignment

    I know most people aren't running OEM suspension but here is the factory specs incase anyone needs it in the future. Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
  2. JordanSuth

    Most driveable set up

    I've been thinking recently about starting to change a few things with my Teg. I've had it about a year and a half now so I'm pretty accustomed to the set up. I'm not one who likes to throw parts at cars in the hope of making it better. At the moment I'm running nearly OEM setup bar: - Top...
  3. JordanSuth

    Buying a daily and garaging the DC5

    Hi all, In the next 2 weeks we will be getting the guys to our first home, woo! The commute to work now will be 32ish miles round trip and my plan was always to garage the DC5 over the winter. The misses has a Fiesta ST but we need something else as we can't both use that car everyday due to...
  4. JordanSuth

    Sourcing water leaks

    Hi all, I thought a thread dedicated to water leaks would be beneficial for anyone who is struggling to source damp, moisture or leaks. I've had a fair few issues with water leaks since I got my car last year but fortunately for me I took the decision to strip the whole car to check...
  5. JordanSuth

    How much kangaroo jumping is okay?

    Hi all, This is something that has been annoying me recently mainly because I've been doing a lot of town driving. The problem I have is the car is a little jerky/jumpy at lower speeds in lower gears, 10/20/30mph, 1st and 2nd mostly. Also on and off the throttle the car can be jerky and jumpy...
  6. JordanSuth

    Interior clips

    Hi guys, Can someone tell me or double check what clip is supposed to be here for the rear quarter trim panels. I've managed to lose both sides and can't remember what they looked like! Jordan Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
  7. JordanSuth

    Can someone tell me what this is?

    Just a quick one. When I lifted up my carpet I can't figure out what this is or it's purpose? Cheers, Jordan Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
  8. JordanSuth

    OEM spring covers?

    Hi all, Silly question maybe... but I've noticed the outer sleeve/cover (or whatever you want to call it!) on the springs has started to come away/pop off the spring? Has anyone come across this? I've been getting a knocking noise from the right hand side of the car when moving off from...
  9. JordanSuth


    Afternoon all, I was lifting up my carpet today and to my surprise I found this little box hidden under the passenger footwell carpet. I did a little research but I haven't seen anything about one being installed in a DC5 so it must be rare to see one. They're definitely not factory standard...
  10. JordanSuth

    Water leak

    Hi all, I thought I would quickly pick your brains before my car goes into the garage to get some work done on Monday. I have been having some water leak issues on my roof lining and passenger foot well. I pulled off the roof moulding and found cracks on the seam sealant. I got the car into a...
  11. JordanSuth

    Scuff mark on centre caps

    Hi all, It's a minor issue but an annoying one nonetheless. I got my tyres changed last week (Michelins PS4's) and I noticed when cleaning the wheels this afternoon that the centre caps have some scuff marks on them. Obviously the garage have been a little careless when changing the tyres and...
  12. JordanSuth

    Rev Hunting

    Hi all, I am starting to experience some rev hunting issues with my car. It doesn't appear to be all the time but it's getting more frequent. The issue doesn't occur on a cold start up (certainly not yet anyway) but instead once the car is warmed up. There is 3 elements to the issue: 1. Rev...
  13. JordanSuth

    Water between door?

    Hi everyone, I'm just back inside from fitting two new weather strips. Before I was finished I did a quick water test. I thought if I throw some water over the door etc, let it dry and then quickly pull off the strips and check theres not water getting between the door. Well when I had a look...
  14. JordanSuth

    Clean your steering wheel!!

    Hi all, I thought I had to quickly share my experience with the OEM steering wheel. In the first 4 photos you'll see the before pictures. I was convinced that the leather was starting to crack and discolour in the process. I had searched the forum and internet to see if anyone had any advice...
  15. JordanSuth

    DC5 facelift lower ball joint

    Hi all, I am new to the forum. I recently bought a 2005 Honda Integra DC5 Type R in championship white. I've had the car about a month after buying it locally off someone in the north of Scotland. The car is in excellent condition throughout but for peace of mind I had it put up on a ramp to...