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  1. JustinEET

    Clockwise motion oil pressure

    The Skunk2 is essentially the same design, I think Tegiwa uses the skunk2 on that Time Attack civic. I use the Skunk2 as well. It needs to be overfilled still. I will recommend Unit2 pans from now on.
  2. JustinEET

    K24 swap - Ancillaries?

    Those parts are interchangeable. You should concern more about the oil pump since you are using the K20 head. You won't be able to take advantage of the higher rpms until you get DC5 oil pump, and it will have to be modified to attach to K24 block.
  3. JustinEET


    Make sure take a look at the chain guides. They typically go before the chain does.
  4. JustinEET


    Inspect the harness that runs along the chassis to make sure you did not do physical damage when possibly bottoming out due to hooning around on the streets. Then next could possibly be your ECU. But this type of issue will require someone physically present to troubleshoot your voltage drops.
  5. JustinEET

    2021 Trackdays - Who's doing what?

    If you come to the states; my home track Eagles Canyon Raceway (monthly) Circuit of the Americas Sebring International Road Atlanta
  6. JustinEET

    Bump Steer Measurements

    My graph actually shows that I(Personally) would pretty much have very little change. My front sits at 12KG... so I don't think I even get 2 inches worth of movement up there. Especially with braking and acceleration(Which is important to nullify bumpsteer on). Cornering actually having...
  7. JustinEET

    SHG Rack Slider Install - In-Situ

    I did mine with my engine out the car so it was much easier, but if I have to do anything else there while my engine is in. I definitely will grab that tool.
  8. JustinEET

    Bump Steer Measurements

    Hello, as promised I did my experiment with the Long Acre Bumpsteer Gauge My car Suspension: Yellow Speed Advanced Pro Circuit coilovers(Inverted Monotube) ITR lower control arms Lowered around typical track height(Lower control arms parallel with ground) Area Motorsport Tie Rod ends used for...
  9. JustinEET

    Advice on Induction & Exhaust components

    If you are using a stock exhaust manifold and just running without catalytic converter. Most likely your AFR aren't in harms way. The stock ECU could still make corrections for that. With stock intake manifold and stock exhaust manifold you are still getting about the same vacuum and airflow...
  10. JustinEET

    Suspension geometry/design

    This .pdf has data will further add on to the same findings from Kelvin. Shouldn't be much difference between RSX and Integra Type R. The SAI and scrub radius are going to be tad different because the Integra Type R control arm is longer and hub also is longer.
  11. JustinEET


    If you have to ask where to get damper rod and piston. Then automatically you should go to Tein. We don't even know if that's a twin tube or a monotube. Judging by thickness and length i'm guessing twin tube. Not only that do you know how much oil to use vs the pressure tuning they used with...
  12. JustinEET

    Who runs a oil cooler on a dc5?

    Haven't seen them fail. And it wouldn't really wouldn't mess up the engine. If it leaks you should see engine get hot. Also if you do anything other than daily driving. Like track; I would get oil pressure gauge. I've been through 3 engines.
  13. JustinEET

    The fastest DC5 in Japan!

    Definitely an inspiration for my own car. I've been following their build for awhile. They have huge spring rates. I'm guessing to handle the downforce, tires, and no longer needing sways.
  14. JustinEET

    YCW Suspension

    From what I looked, I might go with them after i'm done with my Yellow Speed's
  15. JustinEET

    Power drop

    Yeah I was thinking you were using the intake that goes back towards the header in order to get those high temperatures. I have a custom intake made by a parts designer for Kseries. Then it gets fed air from outside from the fog light hole. As long car is moving it will stay 10 C or less within...
  16. JustinEET

    Power drop

    Ok good, well that rules out leaking. Be sure to get those things installed. Oil Pressure Gauge is totally worth it if you are going to track often. Hopefully your intake only gets to 60 C after sitting still for awhile. Because if its reaching those temps while moving. Thats bad too. It should...
  17. JustinEET

    Power drop

    Tbh, I would stick with 5w-40 or 10w-40(Your hottest days) if you are using OEM rods with OEM bearing clearances. If anything I would go full synthetic so it has additives that will help resist breakdown. Here in Texas(United States) as one of the hotter states we get up to 40+C in our deep...
  18. JustinEET

    Power drop

    They all do, that's why I use this baffle to prevent it from happening instead of a full pan baffle. Blocks oil from sloshing into the chain case. And has trap doors to let any oil behind it drip back down into the oil pan. Then I installed this line into the port for oil pressure switch that...
  19. JustinEET

    Power drop

    As the oil gets hotter it breaks down more thus the oil pressure is less. When oil sloshes up into the chain case it has to have a chance to fall back down into the sump so the pump can pump it through. Turn after Turn you are putting more oil up into that case. Then on your cool down lap I...
  20. JustinEET

    Power drop

    Well I noticed he said this " On Thursday I noticed something else, VTEC went on/off when accelerating out of corners around 6000rpm. " I've lost three engines total due to leaks and just oil issues. My rod bearings were basically on there way out and the car accelerated slow enough that a...