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  1. G19 RCB

    Agreed Valuation Insurance

    You have to access your account via a PC not a mobile and hover your cursor over your profile and a number will appear. That's your membership number pal. That's how I found mine buddy
  2. G19 RCB

    Agreed Valuation Insurance

    I'm with Adrian flux with an agreed valuation of £16000. It's £654 annually and that's for 6000 miles a year and all modifications declared ans my partner on the policy. It would of been £654 but I pay £50 for protected no claims. Hope some of this info help and any questions just drop us a DM bud
  3. G19 RCB

    Skunk2 Ultra street HELP*

    Hi guys. Just bought myself a skunk2 ultra street and 74mm Throttle body. Just trying to find a fitting guide or any info/help into fitting one. Cheers guys
  4. G19 RCB

    EP3 Fog Light Switch Install (Via Power Mirrors)

    Hi bud. Just wondering if you ever managed to sort this issue. I know it was like 10 years ago but worth the ask lol. Cheers pal
  5. G19 RCB

    EP3 Fog Light Switch Install (Via Power Mirrors)

    Bit late on doing this but i wonder if someone can help me. My switch is work and is turning the fog light on and the green light is illuminated but the switch light itself isn't illuminated. Any advice will be much appreciated. Thanks guys
  6. G19 RCB

    Dc5 for sale?

    What power did it make with the mods of you dont mind me asking ?
  7. G19 RCB

    *** NEW DC5 OWNER ***

    Going to be returning back to the Honda scene with a DC5 very shortly. Just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction for some good cheap insurance companies. Thanks guys.