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  1. 20Drift

    Tegiwa Manifold fitment

    You can get a socket which has a cut out that fits over the sensor. Put that on an impact gun and it should come out
  2. 20Drift

    Clockwise motion oil pressure

    I’ve got a clockwise in at the minute, didn’t have any pressure issues at Thruxton or Snetterton, both of which had long corners where I was in VTEC with sustained G
  3. 20Drift

    Meister CRD/ Meister Clubrace ?

    I’ve put the stronger 16KG rear springs in my YellowSpeed’s and they’re a bit hard for road use. I should’ve gone for 12-14KG’s I think, but it’s not unliveable. You only really notice it when you go over blanket speed bumps or a patchwork tarmac road
  4. 20Drift

    Tegiwa heat shield - yes or no?

    I wouldn’t bother - had one but it rusted on the mounting points so binned it off. No noticeable difference, and I’ve had it on track a lot since doing that
  5. 20Drift

    Exhaust Quandary

    I believe you still get some drone with the SF, albeit not as bad as a normal 3 inch. I’ve got an RM01A, which replaced a TDI 3” system. Haven’t noticed any difference in power but it’s much easier to live with!
  6. 20Drift

    Toyo R888R, Bridgestone RE-11S, Federal RSR, Nankang NS2-R, Yoko A0-48

    NS2Rs are decent if you can only run one set of wheels for road and track, otherwise I’d just track wheels you will not be disappointed with AR-1’s. Otherwise you’ve got Dunlop Direzza DZ03G’s which are highly rated but no idea if accessible for you
  7. 20Drift

    ABS fault diagnosis

    Great stuff, glad it’s sorted!
  8. 20Drift

    ABS fault diagnosis

    You can try a 50/50 mix of ATF and Acetone, failing that heat may release it. Otherwise nothing wrong with drilling it, just be careful of damaging the ring when you make it through the sensor!
  9. 20Drift

    Tie Rod Ends Fitment

    Yep they’re the ones! Using Tegiwa inners so I could get enough camber, but those fit fine to the OEMs
  10. 20Drift

    Tie Rod Ends Fitment

    I run area’s tie rods non-inverted without a rack raiser on YellowSpeed’s (without the washers in the photo as well)
  11. 20Drift

    ABS fault diagnosis

    You can bridge pins 5 and 9 on the OBD2 port and then read the flashes of the ABS light to tell you what it’s not happy about (Service Check Signal) It’s likely going to be a rear ABS sensor I reckon
  12. 20Drift

    Alarm Advice

    Toad are decent, or a local place to me seem to rant and rave about the Clifford C650 alarms
  13. 20Drift

    Coolant Overflow Bottle replacement?

    Parts diagram here for everything you need:
  14. 20Drift

    bodyshop recommendation

    Second vote for TGM. Attention to detail is second to none and good, honest guys. Was down there yesterday and they’ve got some tasty cars in the body shop at the minute!
  15. 20Drift

    Mishimoto Rad Cap issue?

    I did have this issue originally, but fiddled a few times and got it to seal. Been fine ever since. I believe one of the Tegiwa caps does fit it, as it’s possible you’ve got a fault one, which seemed to be quite a common problem a while ago
  16. 20Drift

    Torque Specs

  17. 20Drift

    Oil on wheel?

    Yeah really good. Had to play around with tyre pressures a bit because of the speed you take corners at Thruxton and the majority of it is turning right, but the car felt so much better with the thicker ARB and uprated springs on the coilovers. She didn't miss a beat but was very thirsty - did...
  18. 20Drift

    Oil on wheel?

    I also hope it’s not a wheel bearing as I literally just did it on that side!
  19. 20Drift

    Oil on wheel?

    I think it might be copper grease from the splines or something... It’s coming from the face between the wheel and disk it’s looking bad here because I’ve been absolutely caning the poor thing all day but it does seem like it’s slowly stopping. Going to give her a wash in a couple of days and...
  20. 20Drift

    Oil on wheel?

    I’m at track at the moment and it’s started doing it more pronounced, going to have a mosey at lunch. This what you’re seeing?