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  1. VtecPaul

    Best car cover???

    Stored Outside - don’t bother. Stored inside - Classic Additions do some lovely covers, I have one :)
  2. VtecPaul

    NC500 summer 2020

    Hey folks, For those of you that have done the NC500 (or parts of it) in your DC5's - are the roads of a decent quality in terms of surface/width etc? I'm wanting to take my DC5 but I don't want to come back with it battered and bruised from potholes, stone-chips and scrapes on the bodywork...
  3. VtecPaul

    Tyre choices

    Exactly what Carl said, spot on. :)
  4. VtecPaul

    Sketchy ride / handling

    Interesting read - I’m Basingstoke and have been to TGM with my Teg too. Similar experience with you I think, front end feels really light and loose, a bit wild on the naff roads we have. I don’t have a lot of the mods you do, but I do have the AD08 tyres which I really want to replace but I...
  5. VtecPaul

    Buying a daily and garaging the DC5

    SEAT Leon diesel? I’ve got a mk2 and love it
  6. VtecPaul

    RhinoLip Yes or No?

    Love them. Have a cheap eBay equivalent fitted to mine. Looks great :)
  7. VtecPaul

    Clip part No?

    I hope they’re the same part dude. I can’t imagine it’s a part that differs tbh, certainly looks the same in the diagram. Can’t tell difference between 18 and 19 tho
  8. VtecPaul

    Suspension Reviews:

    Yeah had seen the Spoon springs @ Torque GT. but don’t want to combine them with second hand 80k+ mileage OEM dampers. I’ve currently got MeisterR coilovers that Id look to sell on and replace. I’d like a similar drop, sensible camber and perhaps some slightly wider wheels (rota slips/ Desmond...
  9. VtecPaul

    Clip part No? The link I used appears to be for the accord, so I can’t be certain they are correct tho.
  10. VtecPaul

    Clip part No?

    Either #18 or #19 from these images I’d say?
  11. VtecPaul

    Clip part No?

    mine is just a plastic nut with attached cable tie if I recall, holding the wiring loom to the battery tie?
  12. VtecPaul

    Suspension Reviews:

    Hey bud, did you get new OEM dampers? If so, where from and what sort of price? I’d love the Mugen Showa and Spoon shock combo but think they’re like rocking horse poo secondhand and hard to get new! I think the next suitable alternative is OEM shocks and lowering springs as my car is only used...
  13. VtecPaul

    Wheels what fits and how they look

    I don’t want roller arches and I’m confident that I don’t want more camber either tbh, it’s a road car not track car. May have to opt for the 7.5” wheels instead.
  14. VtecPaul

    Wheels what fits and how they look

    Yeah, i Have much less camber tbh, so unlikely those specs will fit without arch rolling.
  15. VtecPaul

    Wheels what fits and how they look

    This looks great! Is the car lowered? What sort of camber you running? Wondered on benefits of 17x8 et48 vs 17x7.5 et45 bar just being wider.
  16. VtecPaul

    Third time lucky...

    Welcome back!
  17. VtecPaul


    Taking the links provided earlier to standard dimensions of a dc5 suggests my car has a 45mm drop (from roof measurement) note my mirror measurements above are to base of mirror, not centre as per the OEM diagram. I make the mirrors 140mm high, so adding half of this to my measurements gives...
  18. VtecPaul


    Ok, so got the car in the garage today, checked garage floor with a spirit level and all seems pretty level but meant putting my car in a double garage at an angle to access all 4 corners. clearly previous location wasn’t level, as the car measures pretty near bang on in terms of height at each...
  19. VtecPaul


    Cheers for the offer Carl, I’m in Hampshire so a fair bit of a trek really. I’ll keep reading up on what I can find out - tbh if I found some Mugen Showa suspension I’d probably grab with both hands, but may settle to keep these or perhaps get OEM shocks and Eibach Pro springs. Trouble is I...