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  1. Mebz


    There's one on ebay, it's showing part number as being 31100RJJ004. Jap service parts list them as being the same for DC5 and EP3.
  2. Mebz

    Wheels what fits and how they look

    Both will be fine for clearance
  3. Mebz

    DC5 Showroom Build, Engine Rebuild Parts list needed please

    I would personally speak to clockwise motion for the engine.
  4. Mebz

    Suspension advice

    Meister R or yellowspeed seem popular. Alternatively, go back to stock suspension with some new speings. ebay has loads of stock suspension for sale.
  5. Mebz

    Induction upgrade advise

    Toda itb's up there with the best... I have some for sale [emoji1787]
  6. Mebz

    Wheels what fits and how they look

    17x8.5 et40 front with 255 tyre 17x7.5 et48 rear with 225 tyre
  7. Mebz

    Michelin Ps4 vs RE070

    What date you at croft? I'm there on the 8th of June.
  8. Mebz

    Michelin Ps4 vs RE070

    On the road, ps4 for me.
  9. Mebz

    Aftermarket Steering wheel - SRS Light delete…

    It's just a resistor you need. Not sure the specific one or where to buy it from.
  10. Mebz

    Carbon bonnet struts help

    Not sure to be honest. Don't recall anything like that on mine.
  11. Mebz

    Temp issues

    I think I've read 105 is when you should get worried.
  12. Mebz

    Temp issues

    On the road mine runs at 90 to 95 in traffic. On track it runs cooler, 85 to 90. That's reading off the kpro.
  13. Mebz

    Exhaust Quandary

    I've got the solid fab along with the solid fab manifold, it's ideal for what I needed. Between 3 and 4k rpm, under heavy load it drones. With a gentle foot its fine.
  14. Mebz

    Type R frank, worth it?

    I saw a post by j cal not long ago showing them making good power (circa 270bhp). No idea about the flow.
  15. Mebz

    Type R frank, worth it?

    The other option to consider is just get a k24 from an accord and change the oil pump, vtc gear and cams.
  16. Mebz

    AC climate control panel

    I'm in accrington, north Manchester. If you are around you can try my spare one
  17. Mebz

    AC climate control panel

    Far far away then.
  18. Mebz

    AC climate control panel

    Where are you based, think I've got a spare panel somewhere in the garage you can try.
  19. Mebz

    Carbon Fibre Door Pillar Covers

    How much [emoji51]....