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    Car pulling to right under acceleration - why!?

    Possibly slight balancing problem which is more evident at higher speeds and accelerating :?: They may have knocked off a weight when fitting tyres :?:
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    internet problem

    Have you tried the ipconfig /flushdns command chris suggested? Start - Run - "cmd" - "ipconfig /flushdns"
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    i need to insure a 19yr old ASAP Help please...

    So the insurance company know you are the main driver of the car even though its in your mum's name :?:
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    who does this RED DC5 belongs to ?

    Yeah its DTM old car DC5's look awesome in Red 8)
  5. J

    Fitting O2 (A/F) Sensor

    i did mine without even jacking car up Only hard bit was using mirror to see where the plug was and then trying to unplugging old sensor! its a pain. Once out though you unscrew the sensor easily enough and replace. If can was on ramps id say it would take 10mins tops Job done
  6. J

    this a good price for f1 eagles?????

    yes thats a very good price for them i'd say
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    Service and MOT in Bristol

    There is a place round your way run by Richie who frequented the HondaRevs forums. Comes highly recommended by Honda people.
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    Black DC5 owners.....

    you do that every week!?! even in winter? I thought i was cleanaholic but thats better than me! With my Red one i could leave it weeks and although it looked less shiny it would still look clean. Once cleaned you could tell the difference but wasnt so bad. With black ive found you wash it and...
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    Black DC5 owners.....

    How do people really find them to keep clean? I have had 2 black cars since i sold the DC5 as they always look so nice when clean but the amount of dirt etc does start to annoy me. How does the black DC5 look dirty? and how do owners find living with the fact it must get dirty so easily?
  10. J

    How to protect the dc5 from thieves?

    to be honest a decent cat 1 alarm and immob with added security of a disklock etc is a good deterrent. However if they really want your car then doesnt matter what you have on it they will find a way
  11. J

    hello from north wales

    have you got info about finding out the eml code? if so what code is it? 41 is pretty popular on dc5's :lol:
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    hello from north wales

    Hey James Welcome, should find loads of info on here for the DC5 Search is a good place to start for any questions you might have and if you cant find what you are after then ask away, 95% are friendly on here :D :P
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    Noel Dazely

    When i had old DC5 people posted on here saying how cheap they were, so i asked for quote on renewal quoting renewal price and they just said cant match it. Just did online quote with them now after getting price from Sky ~(whom im still with) and they didnt even quote me just again said...
  14. J

    New CAR TAX rates in 2008 Budget!!

    :lol: i havent got a clue whats going on
  15. J

    New CAR TAX rates in 2008 Budget!!

    Its too confusing! If it goes on emissions then that would be the case i assume. My old DC5 was PLG and £180 a year tax, that was a 2001 DC5. So are we saying that 2001 DC5's were registered as PLG but now go on emissions? if so be good to know what date the cut off was!
  16. J

    New CAR TAX rates in 2008 Budget!!

    So will PLG continue to be used for the new DC5's being registered over here? If that is the case thats a big plus point for DC5's!
  17. J

    New CAR TAX rates in 2008 Budget!!

    so what tax will a dc5 registered over here within next 3-4 months pay? I paid £180 on my DC5 previously so i think it went on when car was first registered rather than when registered here in UK? is that right?
  18. J

    DC5's now easily under the £10k barrier

    that ebay one is martin200's off here
  19. J

    Will an ep3 mid pipe fit the DC5?

    He is on about the other way though - EP3 bits onto DC5 Mid pipe will fit, back boxes wont
  20. J

    How much is my Teg worth??? might be selling

    get more selling the mods seperately as otherwise id personally say only looking at 11,500-12,000 Prob get that with or without mods unfortunately