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    SCUM tried to take my teg

    Alot of it is actually car/parts to order apparently. They take it and get it up north across the border into Northern Ireland and into a shed or something in some remote area. They'll strip it or replate it and the parts or replated car are on a ferry destined to cross the pond to the UK...
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    Access Database/Visual Basic Anyone???

    You need to add a reference in your project to "Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.6 Library". The 2.6 in that can be whatever version you have available like 2.0 or 2.5 etc either. You are using early-binding in this code which requires you to directly reference the library in your project so...
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    my new baby!!!

    looks well tegger. there is another one silver one in Kildare with the last year at least and he has completely decked it out in Buddy Club stuff. looks very tidy. 8)
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    DC5 3D Model / Illustration Diary

    i've only just seen this thread now :shock: this is absolutely... amazing :shock: :shock: you are highly talented and this looks absolutely incredible. i hope you finish it off as i will use it as my desktop wallpaper! :wink: really - superb work - the attention to detail on things...
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    Hello from Ireland

    Hi Maurice - welcome to the club. 8)
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    Irish newbie!!

    very rarely am on anymore greg with work etc - not around on sun either - sry mate. :cry:
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    Irish newbie!!

    hi + welcome Nic 8)
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    Two Stupid Questions (with pics)

    @Ken - that's the switch to engage the central locking internally.
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    auction pics

    very clean motor lad - good luck with the "wait of penance" :lol:
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    Well **** me !!!

    Ken, none of us in Ireland with DC5's have a rear foglight. It's possible that somebody fitted one themselves afterwards, but unlike the UK, it's not part of the ordeal the car has to go through when we import them from Japan. It's not a fail point in the NCT either as my teg passed the NCT no...
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    DC5 Ceased Production?

    yep - correct indeedy. you could always buy a new RSX and do a 1 y.o. R conversion on her! Extreme but good! :lol:
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    how much fuel?

    give urself more time. when the initial "drive around aimlessly" phases passes by, your fuel bill will come down to a much more normal level. don't worry :lol: heavy right foot on regular occasions = teg VTEC petrol monster :wink:
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    Woolz car stolen :(

    good result. it's absolutely amazing that you found it and even moreso under the circumstances!! delighted for you - lets hope those examples of human trash get put away for a very long time...
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    She's all mine !!!

    Ken If you need to get material to fix your seat, then I got the black and red material for the interior from these guys: They are based in some industrial park in Finglas, Dublin but you can see them off the main M1 on your left if you're travelling from Belfast to...
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    She's all mine !!!

    congrats Ken - well wear to ya with the new lady! 8)
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    99 ron coming back to ireland;)

    well yeah! if you get 99RON that's been sitting in a garage for over a week, it's probably closer to 93RON by the time you use it. the only way u ever get proper 99 is when it's just been delivered to the garage. i can't remember the name of process that happens nor the name of the...
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    My Project Starts here

    326 ponies! well done - congrats on the monster! what ponies is it putting out at the wheels now?
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    It's already something we already knew but...

    good result. i'd highly rate the jazz myself! i was driving one a while ago and i still can't get my head around how nimble they are. like a go-kart! Skoda are truely exceptional pieces of motorcar now. The accountant in the place I work has a new Skoda Superb and it is actually quite a...
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    Who does KPro in South of Ireland ?

    Haven't a clue macer to be honest. Nick only said in passing the last day to me that they were offering Spoon ecu's for the DC5 now. i'll ask him the next tme i'm talking to him.
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    Who does KPro in South of Ireland ?

    not a waste of money at all. an exhaust, induction and a KPro would be a nice setup. it's an affordable e.c.u. too. i'd recommend buying the KPro from CPL Racing or System R. there are places in Ireland that sell them but i'd personally deal with a company that has plenty of experience with...