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    Short Shifter running in

    No worries Raz.... how is it? any updates? Gears go in like butter? ;)
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    Will i need a better battery?

    A halfraud's battery ain't got nothing on a Stinger battery mate. Worth a check if you have a chance....
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    Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to Me......

    Noticed in the other thread!! hehehe Lovely cake btw, would be a shame to lap it up. :)
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    Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to Me......

    Happy birthday mate. Best wishes. Did you treat yourself to some carbon whorage? :twisted:
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    Will i need a better battery?

    No worries mate. :)
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    Short Shifter running in

    Just part of the experience mate, help others. :) Raz, get Tom to trim the front of the housing down, it'll take 2 mins MAX to do with his belt sander, gives better clearance between cable and housing. Have fun with it, try not to get excited and bang the gears in! lol
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    Will i need a better battery?

    You might want to invest in a 1.0+ cap to stabilise the current. I ran 2 amps and decided to change the battery to a Stinger SPV35. Terminals are in the correct position and fits nicely into the battery compartment.
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    Short Shifter running in

    Sounds like you need to check the shift cable to see if its bent. As dave said, I had to change mine (got abit excited handing it to the skunk2 gearknob). The only way you can tell if the cable is bent is take it off the gear housing and pull the cable back and forth. If left not fixed, you can...
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    std geo settings??

    Looks about right. ;)
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    Anybody know Westpark Motors, Smethwick? Why so cheap?

    Hey, I recognise that teg with the hideous wheels and dodgey looking rear lights, someone owns it in my area. Yukky looking..!!
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    headlamp condensation

    You need to put a few packets of silicon moisture packets into the headlamps. Works a treat. I collect these whenever I see them, so if anyone wants any, send me a SAE and I'll put a few packs your way FOC.
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    AEM V2

    Drive about 60mph on the motorway without slowing down! :twisted: :lol:
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    Anyone have a Diamond cut finish

    here's my old wheels in black with diamond cut face.
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    help buying a DC5

    Its called the "Special Peoples" pack! \:D/
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    B&M Shortshifter fitting

    Excited shifters (like myself) might get abit too gear changing happy throwing the gear lever about.
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    Eibach Pro Street S coilovers vs Eibach springs

    Don't think a teg is comfortable enough for a new born! Its a teg... lol I think you need a merc for comfy new borns.....
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    Eibach Pro Street S coilovers vs Eibach springs

    I guess in most cases, the LSD helps a BIG deal too... :green:
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    4-2-1 Manifolds

    water soak if you live in cumbria areas... looks gastly on the news! :shock:
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    Forum Names : Real Names

    LOL ^^^ =D>
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    4-2-1 Manifolds

    When I had mani fitted, i was in the same position thinking about excess heat, so I went and bought a buddyclub bonnet. Bought it for function over form. Buddyclub bonnet has a nice vent just above the mani. During the summer months, you'd see so much heat rising up... scary indeed, but I went...