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    What fuel do you use in your dc5?

    I used a normal unleaded £20 top up by accident would that cause any damage? Do I let it run low to half tank and top it up using v power? thanks
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    Wow Red DC5 who’s is this?

    I’m in love... But can not justify spending that!
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    Air assist valve bypass delete

    Are these worth investing in what car to pros of having it done? Does it make any improvements performance wise?
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    2020 products to detail the car with?

    What would be the best shampoo to use on the car? I usually use meguires but turtle wax have made a hybrid ceramic shampoo. So many brands to choose from! What shampoo do you guys think is the best for a white DC5? Also what spray wax etc is best to use soon as the car has been washed one that...
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    RhinoLip Yes or No?

    I was thinking of getting a subtle lip for the Teg. Has anyone got a pic of one fitted? what’s your opinions? I can not afford a ings one just yet. thanks
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    A little bit of rust...

    Bad news... On removing my rear bumper I noticed that the rear arches are in excellent condition and have been resprayed approx 3 years ago. However when removing the inner 8mm nut on either on on the inner arch fold in the corner where it meets the rear bumper it has started to bubble ever so...
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    Behind rear bumper help

    Took my rear bumper off. All looks ok bit of surface rust Very minor. However the centre crash bar with rusty bolts either end that is attached to the car behind the rear bumper is heavily rusted? what is the part number and can you still buy that part? Is it a nightmare to remove? thank you
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    Paint code help needed please

    Hi there my dc5 is championship white I rang the dealers gave them my Teg they said the paint code is NH0 Is that correct for a DC5 prefacelift? Thank you
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    Carbon bonnet struts help

    I have purchased a carbon fibre bonnet for my dc5. Fitted it tonight thanks to a mate. However where do I get the Gas struts and what size do I need? Do I put one or two on to hold the bonnet up? Where do I fit them to? The wing and which part of the bonnet? Don‘t want to spend much. Will be...
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    What’s the name of the pipe?

    I ordered a red air box silicon pipe. I have noticed some tegs with a red silicon thin long breather pipe that goes into the Side of the rocker cover. What is the name of that pipe I would like to order one. Most tegs have a tegiwa one but any red cheap one will do. Thanks
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    Walbro fuel pump dc5

    Is it worth getting a walbro fuel pump? My car is remapped that‘s about it. I used to have one years back and it makes a nice whine Will it be better than stock and make any improvements? Will I need to get the car remapped again or plug and play? Thank you
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    Calvin purchased who’s DC5 from here????

    Link below: Who‘s is this???
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    Under rear light bracket still available?

    71591-S6M-000 left rear light bracket Can they still be purchased if so where from? Mines looking a bit rusty and bent slightly when I took the bumper off I realised this. Can these be bent back with care? Thanks
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    Engine bay fuse box tabs a common fault?

    I have 2 out of the 4 tabs that secure the fuse box lid when pressed down. Are these a common fault and prone to snapping as one of them looks like it will snap any day soon! What is the fix? Anyone with a bright idea of how to fix and secure the lid down? Thanks
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    A recommended Sprayer needed & Front Lip alignment help please.

    Sorry for all the posts I realise it‘s New Year‘s Day but am just retrying time sort a few bits out and tick things off my checklist guys and girls so my apologies. 1. Anyone can recommend a good competitively priced resprayer to spray a few aftermarket bits for me in marching CW - Midlands...
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    What batteries do you have in your dc5?

    I have a Bosch type 48 on s4 021 it has given up the ghost. Have it on trickle charge hoping it may revive! What batteries do you guys have and what do you recommend for a dc5? Thank you
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    Championship White touch up paint and colour code help please

    Where can I get a touch up pen for Championship white also what is the colour code please? I had a right struggle getting my flat battery out and the battery hit the slam pan and took some paint off it. Need some good quality paint to touch it up. Where would my best bet be? eBay or any other...
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    What a lovely TYPE R
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    DC5 eBay finds and rare items thread....

    Please post here any items that you find online... I will start off with with these rare brochures Mugen and J‘s Racing DC5 stuff