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  1. aleksboch

    Front bumper

    ebay? facebook grupy?
  2. aleksboch

    Front bumper

    kup w UK i znajdź kuriera z dostawą na twój adres w polsce
  3. aleksboch

    2002 DC5, FD02 LDO

    Don't ask randoms on teh internet for advice. Best to go see it yourself and get it inspected by a specialist. Service history is important, and since the car has been in the UK for a very long time it's extremely important to check the condition of all the places where rust can develop - and...
  4. aleksboch

    Getting brake dust off wheels

    try labocosmetica cronos
  5. aleksboch

    Removing underseal

    No-one? Is this a thing that just isn't done really?
  6. aleksboch

    Removing underseal

    Hi all, Has anyone ever had any experience removing 3 year old Dinitrol underseal from their tegs? I know it's a nightmare job. But, some advice on how to do it or where I can get it done by someone in and around the Cheshire West/Liverpool/Manchester area would be appreciated. Thank you.
  7. aleksboch

    Torque Specs

    Do you have these figures in Nm ?
  8. aleksboch

    What is this on the dash?

    GPS antenna
  9. aleksboch

    New DC5 owner from Berkshire

    A meet sounds good. I'm moving out of the area in May
  10. aleksboch

    New DC5 owner from Berkshire

    Nice plate! Welcome to the neighbourhood!
  11. aleksboch

    DC5 Prices 2021 & onwards

    Yeh at least +30% on top of the auction price. (vat + import taxes) and then you have to account for the import company commission as well...
  12. aleksboch

    Centre Console Badge?!

    I'm on the search for one of these as well, as the red R has lost a bit of it's laquer.
  13. aleksboch

    White DC5 with black roof and pillars

    Has anyone ever seen or got a photo of a white DC5 with black roof, mirrors and A and C pillars? kinda like done with the NSX-R
  14. aleksboch

    Honda Specialists West Yorkshire

    Hello, Does anyone know of any honda specialists that know their way around a DC5 around West Yorkshire/North Peak District area?
  15. aleksboch


    the www. is a bit redundant as well, don't you think? drop the www.. keep it simple
  16. aleksboch

    Wheel spacers

    I'm running 20mm all round with eibach pro-kit springs (fast road setup) -1.5 camber and 215/45/17 with no rubbing
  17. aleksboch

    **** Great News, Forum saved ****

    Fantastic news! I was wondering what was going on with this... ...if you need any web development assistance or server migration also, please hit me up.
  18. aleksboch

    Snow foams

    Here's a cheaper link
  19. aleksboch

    Sketchy ride / handling

    TGM use Roadwheel in fleet for GEO - they have all the specs etc - just go there
  20. aleksboch

    Free mods