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  1. Caroline

    Anyone know how to get air into these valves?

    Got my car 2 weeks ago from Japan. It has Advan Racing wheels but they dont have standard valves. I managed to get the unusual cap off but they need some sort of attachment to get air into them. Has anybody ever seen these before? Is there some sort of attachment I can get to pump them up or...
  2. Caroline

    I'm not a DC5 owner anymore

    dont worry I told her the story, she was very impressed with how you did it. Luckily I got 2 keys with the skyline!!
  3. Caroline

    I'm not a DC5 owner anymore

    thanks gary but I live in the Ireland. If you are ever over here you can have a spin no problem!! The girl who bought it said she would give me visiting rights, so at least I'll get to keep in touch with it!!
  4. Caroline

    I'm not a DC5 owner anymore

    I think everyone can guess why i took my time selling it - broke my heart to see it drive away!!
  5. Caroline

    I'm not a DC5 owner anymore

    I know, It so needs a spoiler. Not so sure I'm lucky, really miss the ITR but everyone is giving out to me cos I have a skyline. They just dont understand. The only thing that is making me feel better is that the skyline cost me just over half what I sold the tegger for.
  6. Caroline

    I'm not a DC5 owner anymore

    :cry: Its a sad day - I sold my DC5. Financial commitments with a new house forced the sale and now its gone forever. Its not all bad though. Got myself a nice R34 GTT skyline instead so that has softened the blow a bit!! Here are some pics of my new machine...
  7. Caroline

    No automatic function on the drivers window!!??

    It costs a good bit less to buy and I need cash to put into the house at the house at the moment. Insurance is less than the ITR so thats not too bad. Will defo pass on the website details to her. already told her about it so i'm sure she has been on for a look already.
  8. Caroline

    No automatic function on the drivers window!!??

    very hard decision to sell it!! It is going to another girl at the end or the month and I am getting an R34 GTT skyline. Will really miss the tegger though
  9. Caroline

    No automatic function on the drivers window!!??

    I have another problem with my auto window though. It goes up to the top and then jumps back down an inch or so. Only happens on auto though for some reason. Anybody ever had this problem
  10. Caroline

    silly oil checking question... *URGENT PLS!*

    I thought that too but then I saw the dipstick for checking the gearbox oil in our FTO and that is a b1t*h. its got all these kinks in it and you just dont know where min and max are???
  11. Caroline

    Nooo whats going on.... everyone wants to buy a DC5

    dont move to Ireland then becuase we do have to pay an extr €8k in VRT
  12. Caroline

    I have to sell my baby

    Thanks for that!! I'll keep my fingers crossed too!! Have to but a house cos its just too expensive to rent. On the positive side I am in negotiations with a fella from dublin who has a dc2. So we might have a deal where he gives me his car + a cash adjustment!!! for my car. Wouldn't be too...
  13. Caroline

    I have to sell my baby

    :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( I am so depressed. Agreed to buy a house yesterday and now I have to sell my baby and put the money into the house. I knew this when I bought the car but I love it so much now and I just dont want to get rid of it. And my bloody springs...
  14. Caroline

    Yipee!!! The Key cut from a photo works!!!!

    Got my Key in the post last night from adz and it works. I am very impressed because I didn't think it would work, then again what do I know about cutting keys. So anyone who only got one key now has a way to get a second one without even making the journey. Fair play to you adz!!!
  15. Caroline

    FAQ Section

    I think a servicing section too. Even things like what type of oil is best and online places to get service parts. Here in Ireland Honda dont know what a DC5 is so there is no chance of me getting them to service mine so I have to know the details so I can get it all done somewhere else.
  16. Caroline

    On the way!

    That is such a good price. Believe it or not I got a better rate on the Yen when I bought mine I think it was about 196 yen to a £ or 135 yen to a €. That means that to bring my car into the uk it would have cost me about £11000 and that was back in july. Thats if I include 10%...
  17. Caroline

    2nd Gear Synchro

    Mine had that problem with going into second. I'm glad its not just me and I can finally show this thread to my boyfriend who thought it was hilarious that I owned an ITR and could even change gear properly :x Haven't noticed it recently but that could be for one of two reasons: 1. its got...
  18. Caroline

    DC5 help & general questions.

    would defo consider an EVO too. Not sure about the 350Z though. I know its a fab looking car but its got a renault engine and the best thing about jap cars is the bloody engine. What was the point in doing that???? @SJ_Skyline - a garage - whats that!!!!!! R34 is way more good looking than...
  19. Caroline

    what octane petrol???

    @rich - not sure if I would go there, I would be a bit sceptical about changing the ECU, I mean honda spent a long time developing the one that is in the car and I dont think its right to be messing with the revs and stuff????? I have no experience with this but its just my gut feeling.
  20. Caroline

    DC5 help & general questions.

    I suppose your right, but now that we have the best of the FWD cars outside the door, what comes next?? I am thinking for me possible an RX-8 or an R34 or possibly the new slivia s15. There is one thing for sure (it wont be german!!!!!).