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  1. Caroline

    Anyone know how to get air into these valves?

    Got my car 2 weeks ago from Japan. It has Advan Racing wheels but they dont have standard valves. I managed to get the unusual cap off but they need some sort of attachment to get air into them. Has anybody ever seen these before? Is there some sort of attachment I can get to pump them up or...
  2. Caroline

    I'm not a DC5 owner anymore

    :cry: Its a sad day - I sold my DC5. Financial commitments with a new house forced the sale and now its gone forever. Its not all bad though. Got myself a nice R34 GTT skyline instead so that has softened the blow a bit!! Here are some pics of my new machine...
  3. Caroline

    I have to sell my baby

    :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( I am so depressed. Agreed to buy a house yesterday and now I have to sell my baby and put the money into the house. I knew this when I bought the car but I love it so much now and I just dont want to get rid of it. And my bloody springs...
  4. Caroline

    Yipee!!! The Key cut from a photo works!!!!

    Got my Key in the post last night from adz and it works. I am very impressed because I didn't think it would work, then again what do I know about cutting keys. So anyone who only got one key now has a way to get a second one without even making the journey. Fair play to you adz!!!
  5. Caroline

    Suspension too hard - help

    The suspension in my DC5 is just not able for the crap roads where I live. As much as I love how it can handle the corners, and I am sure it would be a dream on the track, I will never be on a track. I really need to change the suspensions for something still good handling but slightly softer...
  6. Caroline

    Anyone done a timed quarter mile???

    Was at a show in Limerick (ireland) at the weekend. They had a drag strip set up. It wasn't the best quality surface and there was a bend with railings shortly after the finish but there is never anything like this here. Anyway these were my times: 15.13 14.87 15.08 I'm happy enough with...
  7. Caroline

    What are the service intervals for dc5

    Just got my dc5 and there is a sticker on the fusebox from honda japan to say that the oil was changed at 16000km and the next one is due at 21000km. Is that the correct interval - 5000km. How often should I change sparks, air filter and everything else that needs changing?
  8. Caroline

    Double Din head units from the States

    I really want to get a really nice double din head unit for my new tegger. The trouble is that they cost a fortune in Ireland and the UK for that matter. I was looking at a couple of websites and they are so cheap in the US but there is one problem. I have a very basic american headunit in my...
  9. Caroline

    what octane petrol???

    Just wondering what RON petrol you all run your DC5's on. I saw on the spec page that it is supposed to be 100RON. I havn't got my car yet but when I do I'm not sure what to do. Petrol in Ireland is 95RON, 97 is few and far between and costs up to 35c a litre more. I have been looking into...
  10. Caroline

    Insurance Quotes

    Hi, Just got a quote for my new ITR. A month ago I got quoted €3900 and now my renewal is up and it has gone down to €2252 fully comp. At the moment I am insured third party fire and theft on a FTO and it is €1064. Insurance is crazy in Ireland buy I am quite lucky as I am...
  11. Caroline

    DC5 supplier in Ireland

    Hi, I have just ordered an ITR from a fella in Dublin called Arthur McCooey. I was looking for one for a while and he was by far the most organised supplier I could find. My 2001 white DC5 is leaving Japan today so I should have it in six weeks or so. He had imported over 600 cars and is very...