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  1. MrRy

    New Civic Type R. WTF? Thoughts, anyone? I'm not impressed by its looks. In fact in that red it looks god damn ugly from most angles. It makes the FK2 look really, really tame. Sorry, Honda!
  2. MrRy

    Just went through my yearly insurance renewal

    I was with Need to Insure, great company. But their renewal came out, as expected, at £104 more than last year. Phoned my usual companies, Keith Michael, Sky Insurance, Greenlight, Herts insurance, Need to Insure and A-plan/Thatchams. A-plan didn't get near last years price and didn't get...
  3. MrRy

    Defi wiring connectors - where to source from?

    Hey chaps Bit of an odd request, but does anyone have a good idea where to go to look for replacement connectors for my Defi unit. Both the water temp (2 pin) and power source wires (4 pin) that connect to the unit have come loose (quite a common issue apparently). I've attached an example to...
  4. MrRy

    Tempted to modify this Spoon 2-1 manifold - thoughts?

    Alright guys Just wanted some thoughts on this one. Bought a Spoon mani from eBay last week, knowing it had the flexi pipe welded back on badly due to the welds on the outside. (hasn't been backpurge welded, the inside section just below the flexi isn't great as per pics below) The manifold is...
  5. MrRy

    Coolant Temp Sensor / Aftermarket Temp Sensor Location

    I wonder if anyone could advise. I need to change my OEM coolant hoses as they have lost their strength and flatten when the car has been hot and cools down after a couple of hours. Thought it was the rad cap at first but it did the same with the blueprint rad cap and a Honda Oem rad cap, so...
  6. MrRy

    Brosport Ltd - ST10 1PR

    Thought I'd give Brosport a review as quite frankly, they're not known enough for saying how involved they are in the Honda scene and I haven't used a service that I've been so impressed with for years. I've used Dave and Mark @ Brosport twice for my DC5: First time: Supplied and installed new...
  7. MrRy

    Wheel arch rubbing / offset / spacers / 225 wide tyres

    Hi Guys I wonder if anyone can advise in the world of tyres/wheels, offsets etc. as I am not knowledgeable here :) My new AD08R's rub ever so slightly on the back, more one side that the other and less so on the front. I'm planning on raising the entire car by 10mm soon but in the...
  8. MrRy

    Do any of you guys run heat grade 8's? (not F/I)

    Just curious as the HKS plugs I removed from my car were heat grade 8 (denso hks s40i) yet I would only run 7's on an N/A engine unless it was quite highly tuned. I only ran 8's on my DC2 due to the turbo setup, otherwise I would of ran 7's at most. Wondered if there were any benefits to grade...
  9. MrRy

    Oil filter sandwich plate for multiple connections

    Hey guys Just a quick one but does anyone know if there is a thermostatic sandwich plate available that also has an input for an oil temp sender? Alternatively does anyone know if there is a place to take the oil temps from that doesn't involve tapping the block/sump? Cheers Ry Sent from my...
  10. MrRy

    Suspension alterations before a geometric setup, advice welcome.

    Hi guys Just want some input please from the geo gurus out there :) I've got a DC5 with Tanabe Sustec Pro Coilovers. It bump steers / hops around quite a bit when cornering on un-smooth or gradient surfaces. I've put them onto the softest settings but suspect it's the height and suspension...
  11. MrRy

    Hello there! Ex DC2 Turbo / EP3 / S2000 owner here.

    Thought I would say hello. I've been a member for a while but never needed to post. Cheers to the admin on the Facebook page for fixing my account. Just put a deposit down on a CW 02 plate so will start a build thread once I have it and its been cleaned. Some of you may know me from my black...