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  1. Alexander0628

    Tunerfest south @ brands hatch 24/6/18

    Hey everyone, although iv not really been around to do much this this year, a few people have said they would be up for this show again, so iv been in touch and am going to sort out another stand for us lot. It was one of the better shows of the year and would be a shame to miss out on...
  2. Alexander0628

    Injector o-rings

    Hey people. Iv had a look using the search but I can't seem to find a answer. Im after both sets of o-rings for oem injectors, the small ones at the end and larger ones in the middle Anyone point me in the right direction to get hold of some. Regards Alex
  3. Alexander0628

    Squeal on vtec engagement

    Hey people. Need abit of help, time to time when I engage vtec I get a loud squeal. Can't in the love of me figure out where it's coming from?? So... It sounds like it's coming from the front drivers side. I thought it was the aux belt but it's a self adjusting tensioner and doesn't do it...
  4. Alexander0628

    Underbody Protection

    Hey there fellow owners. i recently had my car fully re-under sealed again and just want to share my experience with you lot. Ill start with i don't know how many of you that are reading that have seen my DC5 build thread you would of seen, i was currently trying to clean up, treat and protect...
  5. Alexander0628

    anyone know what this is called or where I can get hold of one?

    Hey fellow teg owners. Ok basically I need to know what this is or where I can source a spare. It's the bush/sleave/colet that the bulljoint fits into on the front wishbone. I could machine one but the one I have is hardened and tapered on the inside to fit the bulljoint so would be a...
  6. Alexander0628

    Carbon spoilers

    Hey peeps. I'm looking into buying a carbon fibre spoiler, can only really find two types that are close to oem. There's the HC Racing one on eBay, seems to be only slightly different to oem. And seibon sell one that looks a good match to oem that RE Spirit can source. There not to...
  7. Alexander0628

    Got a shiny new knob (and some other bits)

    Hey peeps. So well after waiting a long time I finally received my nice new very shiny js racing titanium gear knob :), Really is a thing of beauty, just though il share it with ya Also big thanks to Jono for sourcing it for me :). Also got a few little goodies to go with it becoming a...
  8. Alexander0628

    TDI North K20 individual throttle bodies

    Hey there fellow owners. I saw this post on Facebook today by TDI north. I know some of you don't have Facebook so il share it, but I just wondered what your thoughts are on ITB and about fitting them to the k20. Il quote it rather than post the link. TDI North "Brand new UK designed and...
  9. Alexander0628

    Facelift Rear lights

    Hey I need some help to figure out something, I might of just confused my self and tbh I think I already know the answer but any help :) lol I really want the 4 stop lights you pre facelift owners have :(, but since I own a facelift I don't know if it can be done, my rear lights are stoplight...
  10. Alexander0628

    RE Spirit

    Just a mention for re spirit, aka Jono as I'm sure most of you know him. Recived my goods today, kept me updated and helped me find what I was looking for. Brillant service. I'm sure most of you know him personally, but couldn't find a mention, so just one for us newbies need some parts...
  11. Alexander0628

    Overhaul of oem dampers

    Hey peeps After discovering I have a rear leaking damper, I did some forum searching and tbh it looks like oem dampers, eibach springs and frsu is best for my kind of driving. I managed to get hold of some second hand struts, but from what iv been told they have done close to 80,000 miles, I...
  12. Alexander0628

    Leaking rear damper

    Hey people At the weekend I cleaned up my rear arches, struts ect, re-undersealed them and I noticed my passenger side damper was leaking. Iv had a nose around the forum and couldn't really find anything on leaking dampers so just want some help and opinions really, I have a facelift dc5. Iv...
  13. Alexander0628

    Finally own a Integra

    So well after years of saving and months of looking i finally bought one :). I was originally after a pre-facelift but after checking out a facelift, my mind was made up. Only problem I had was theres not many facelifts I could find for sale. I gave Darren a ring at torque gt, (which again...
  14. Alexander0628

    New member from south London

    Hi there, Names Alex, been ghostin on this forum for awhile now gathering all the information I can, I must say found out loads and more so thanks to all of you. After about two years of saving Iv finally got all the funds together, so now its time to start looking :), I would like a c/w...