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  1. ste01

    First Car! Help!

    No worries, I used to have a 2005 type S civic (basically the same car as yours but manual and in a 2001-2005 civic body). There isn't much point doing much to them because of the extra weight of the "luxury parts" haha. Maybe pull out some back seats if you don't need them to do the free weight...
  2. ste01

    First Car! Help!

    It'll be an A3. It's 5 speed manual, basically a nicer iS/Type S integra. Decent cars, I wouldn't bother doing much to it to be honest. Just get some decent tyres and enjoy it
  3. ste01

    Hi, new to the forum.

    Looks good. The iS/type S are often overlooked because of the type R but they are nice, underrated cars in their own right. Sunroof for a start The water coming out the mirrors after a wash is just one of those things with these cars. There are plenty of annoying things you notice when you...
  4. ste01

    **** Great News, Forum saved ****

    Got to say, it's a massive improvement in the forum and it's usability. Non of those annoying Tapatalk adverts either :)
  5. ste01

    Back in another DC5!

    Looks good. Remember you on here years ago! Enjoy it 👍
  6. ste01

    Electrical Issues - Battery Drain

    It'll be the alarm
  7. ste01

    Electrical Issues - Battery Drain

    Is it a factory alarm or do you have an aftermarket one?
  8. ste01

    Side Repeaters

    Yeah that's just the OEM plug. Just give your local Honda a call and see if they can order the parts and send them out 👍
  9. ste01

    Bump steer

    DC5s bump steer, facelifts are improved over the PFL cars but they all do it on our crappy country roads
  10. ste01

    Not a clue

    Crush the mesh things in a vice and bolt it back on 👍 I've found even brand new ones can rattle and need a little adjustment to stay tight
  11. ste01

    The Teg has gone

    All the best and enjoy the car mate. Fun cars and cheap as so easy to enjoy without the worry of massive bills. Let's see when we're both back in a DC5 again... Since our first blue cars we seem to follow the same buy and sell pattern 🤣
  12. ste01

    No reverse gear after fitting a short shift kit!

    The reverse lock out will be on after pulling the cables about probably. Mine did this after changing the shifter bushes. I just started it and drove it a little going through the gears and the reverse lock out disengaged like normal then
  13. ste01


    The Japanese love a piggy back ECU, much more common than they are here. If it works, leave it be 👍
  14. ste01

    Free mods

    Speed holes
  15. ste01

    Car Alarm Question

    As long as you make it clear to them what alarm you have and ask them about the cover it's fine. They might increase the price or use a different underwriter but you don't need to go fitting a second alarm system. If they won't cover the factory alarm just go elsewhere, why would someone pay for...
  16. ste01

    Car Alarm Question

    I never had anyone ask for an additional alarm to be fitted to my facelift and never met anyone withw an aftermarket alarm on one either. I don't know where this "your insurance isn't valid for theft" comes from either 🙄
  17. ste01

    Car Alarm Question

    What car do you have? Facelift? The Prefacelift doesn't have a alarm or immobiliser
  18. ste01

    NC500 summer 2020

    I'm out, sure it'll be a good one though
  19. ste01

    DC5 eBay finds and rare items thread....

    It's the top fuel 3D type. There are always a few up for sale, even new ones. Go for anywhere between £100-500 Edit: the one in the eBay link is the 3D power chamber type, not the picture if that wasn't clear
  20. ste01

    DC5 eBay finds and rare items thread....

    They aren't rare. There are millions on yahoo auctions too