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    Bogging down when trying to pull away quickly

    Just out of curiosity was this diagnosed and sorted?
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    Head light restoration

    Buy new and flog the old ones for £100 on fleabay it‘s an investment
  3. J

    Air Con re-gassing ?

    ATS have a deal on Group on, it‘s an automatic machine so it can‘t really be fucked up. Not even by the apprentice
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    speaker size???

    SAK 2902 is what I have but I haven‘t fitted them yet, that is what I‘ve researched myself to be the ones for the front
  5. J

    speaker size???

    16cm in back or 17 and shave the speaker frame with a Dremel, 17cm in the front with Vauxhall adapters. Think the fronts are quite small unless you use adapters, unsure on size though. Take the door card off and measure them
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    17cm Alpine SPG In rear

  7. J

    17cm Alpine SPG In rear

  8. J

    17cm Alpine SPG In rear

    I can confirm WITH some Dremel shaving of the SPEAKER plastic surrounding these will fit in the back
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    Humming/abrasive noise when steering left

    Old post, haven‘t been active, turned out to be drivers side engine mount shagged, but from underneath, looked Deceivingly fine from above
  10. J

    Side Decal removal

    Hairdryer mate, once sticker is off, alcohol wipes or white spirit to get glue off and then car shampoo, you might have to blend the paint with some light compound afterwards if you can see where the sticker was. I would buy Genuine personally
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    mishimoto radiator hoses any good?

    I run a Mishi rad with mishi hoses, they are good reinforced quality just get some decent jubilees
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    bonnet gas struts

    I wouldn‘t use tegiwank again either, I ordered a mishimoto rad saying in stock and it took ages to come. The forum discount is poor and they never have attractive deals
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    DC5 Engine Start Button

    Doesn‘t help you‘re topic but where did you get it from as I would like to install one into mine
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    Dealing with Autoglass #Useless

    So basically as the title states I‘ve been dealing with Autoglass for 3 weeks now waiting for a replacement screen, week 1 they turned up with the wrong screen for an RSX and no trims, week 2 they turned up with the right screen and still no trims even after I made it very clear to the fitter...
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    Oem discs from euro car parts cheap?
  16. J

    Oem discs from euro car parts cheap?

    They won't fit imo the height is wrong the height needs to be 63mm I rang up Euro a few months ago quoting the specs I needed and they don't stock anything suitable. Best bet for oem set up is either Honda own discs or Blueprint, they do the rears in the correct size for around £60
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    Humming/abrasive noise when steering left

    I changed that about 4K ago it was like Guinness but drained it and replaced with genuine fluid
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    Humming/abrasive noise when steering left

    So basically car was imported last year it's on 45k miles, about 3 days ago I first noticed a noise when steering left, it only occurs when steering lef,t driving straight and turning right is fine. Me and my dad checked the wheel bearings this morning, all the wheels seem solid and upon...
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    Ep3 5 stud rear discs fit dc5 ???

    I have found blueprint rear discs for the Teg for £63 delivered compared to £113 OEM delivered unsure on the quality of blueprint stuff but I'm tempted at pretty much half the price