1. M

    revving up and down (hunting)

    Hi all I was having trouble starting my car after heavy rain one night,now I have finally got it running but it is hunting while it idles (revving up and down between 1000 and 2000). it was sitting up for 5 weeks so I took it for a good drive and its still doing the same. I also cleaned the icv...
  2. I

    Hunting on cold start

    Hi guys The RPM are hunting up and down on cold start. If I don't open the trottle it will die out. I've taken apart the IACV and cleaned it once but its didn't fix it. It is like the engine is being smothered until i rev it, then I hear a clink sound (almost like a valve opening or something...
  3. Vtequila

    Engine hunting after Rbc installation

    This problem has probably been reported several times but looking for a better view on the problem I've got and the solution to get the hunting/revving straight. After fitting the Rbc and 70mm tb I was finally able, after 2 months not driven, to start the engine again but it started revving...