1. L

    5,000 miles honda DC5 help advice needed!

    Hello, I've not long bought a genuine 5,000 miles dc5 c pack which was unregistered in the UK until I got it. I'll start with the good points first... genuine 5000 miles with certificate from Japan, even still has the same tyres from factory! Was imported into the UK in 2004 only 2 years after...
  2. Mbk786

    Steering wheel shaking after 60MPH

    Okay so i fitted my new wheels and tyres on, got them all balanced; but my car was too low and it rubbed around corners (that was only the problem initially) so i fitted new tein springs which where a bit higher, and rubbing stopped, today i got my alignment done as it was out by loads and...
  3. Mbk786

    Does anyone know anything about this front Splitter ?

    i came across this splitter but cant seem to find it anywhere... Does anyone have any idea where i could get it from? Thanks