integra dc5

  1. Jdmpart_ind

    Gruppe M/Tegiwa air intake for K20A3 Automatic

    Hi friend, I would like to buy Gruppe M / Tegiwa ram air intake for my DC5 base grade K20A3 automatic, is anyone have been used this part? Is it suitable for K20A3 automatic engine? Thanks mate!
  2. L


    Thought put pic up of my Teg
  3. Z

    Integra DC5 Type R (2001) - Should I buy? (and will likely be for sale) - Advice please!

    Hi All, I'm really new to the JAP scene so please excuse my ignorance re DC5's! I have just been offered an Integra DC5 Type R off a friend of mine who imported it here, but is back off too hong kong. Honestly, it has not used for about 5 years- just sat on his drive. He has started and...