1. L

    5,000 miles honda DC5 help advice needed!

    Hello, I've not long bought a genuine 5,000 miles dc5 c pack which was unregistered in the UK until I got it. I'll start with the good points first... genuine 5000 miles with certificate from Japan, even still has the same tyres from factory! Was imported into the UK in 2004 only 2 years after...
  2. Jdmpart_ind

    Gruppe M/Tegiwa air intake for K20A3 Automatic

    Hi friend, I would like to buy Gruppe M / Tegiwa ram air intake for my DC5 base grade K20A3 automatic, is anyone have been used this part? Is it suitable for K20A3 automatic engine? Thanks mate!
  3. Mbk786


    Hey everyone, As most of you know i sold my DC5, Now i got a JDM EP3 K20A, Bottom end started knocking few days ago at around 2-3k, so taking the bottom end off to see where the damage is... Hoping its just the big end shells, So far we have taken off the subframe, sump, will be removing the...