Acura RSX-S Build Thread


Hey guys, just going to put this build thread for you guys to follow if you want. I will post modifications and how it all works when i take it out on the track.

2003 Acura RSX Type S model

Kpro v3 (Yosh Tuned)
K20Z1 (this engine comes in 05-06 RSX Type S; they say the cam profile is ALMOST exactly same as Type R)
Mugen Head Gasket - 2 layer gasket that bumps compression ratio up by .4
Custom Intake engineered for my RBC's harmonic wave count
Ram induction from foglight hole that brings cooler air to intake(Kept this seperate to remain a Short Ram)
70mm TB for Bseries harness(people love using Bseries TPS sensors)
RBC Intake Manifold(has not been ported yet)
Custom Race Header to Custom mid pipe designed to resonate with Intake system
Invidia q300 catback exhaust
TracTuff Oil Baffle
Innovative Mounts(75a)
Lightweight 11.5lbs battery
AC Delete


Almost Fully rebuilt trans. 4.7 FD with WaveTrac LSD
Ktuned Shift Cables

05-06 Type S cluster swap
Longacre Oil pressure gauge 120psi
Shift Knob
Shift Boot

So right now I have pretty much removed my Suspension since I'm in the process of totally revamping it from worn and cheap unsafe crap:

Yellow Speed Racing Advanced Pro Plus Circuit Coilovers(Just put in the order today) with custom spring rates of 11KG Front/20KG Rear
Type R control arms with energy bushings (The Type S knuckle is has smaller hub and smaller ball joint so in order to use type r arms i needed inserts or change knuckle)
SHG steering raub spacerck slider
Hawk HP+ pads
ABS Delete

Things I have to get
-replace energy bushings with PCI caster adjusting spherical bushings
-replace rear control arm bushings with spherical
-Replace rear UCA with Hardrace Pillow Ball camber arm
-Get Buddy Club or Hardrace ball joint extenders

Heres a picture to compare the 5mm difference in balljoint connection between Type R and Type S

The car put down 235whp on virtual dynojet

Near Future:
NT033R wheels
Yellow Speed Racing Big Brake Kit

As I gather the things I need and the coilovers arrive i'll post pictures and updates here.
I will also post how I end up tuning the suspension geometry and how it does on the track.
Right now I think it's 2-3 weeks on the coilovers.


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Nicely done. It will be good to see your progress and take on things from over the pond.

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Nicely done. It will be good to see your progress and take on things from over the pond.

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Thanks, I'm trying to copy you guys because a lot of guys here dropped their DC5s and EP3s because they weren't having a lot of success
even race teams. But I always loved DC5 so I'm trying to figure out what went wrong with us lol. I mean I know we got the lower end models only and we can't really get DC5 Type R's. That and us Americans tend to just operate off of a de facto stance. They have been told that DC5 suspension sucks so much, that practically no one gets a DC5 to run at a track. Just for cosmetics because they look good or they boost it so it can run down the hwy fast. I'm an oddball

carl hammond

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You should move this / re-do it in the Gallary as a proper build thread mate - would be a nice one to see and watch :)