Adding a resonator to the first part of the midpipe / b-pipe? Can it fit? - My exhaust rebuild thread


Hi everyone, I'm still in the process of restoring my DC5R.
Currently trying to quieten down the ridiculously loud exhaust.

For context, i got the vehicle with mismatched exhaust parts, some 3", some 2.5" etc.
The muffler itself is a vibrant 2.5" unit that is in good shape and a clean install. but it is LOUD. As in, set off every car alarm within 10m at startup kinda loud.

There was a 4"body diameter glasspack bottle style resonator in the original resonator position just before the muffler 2.5" ID that had long since burned out (over 10 yrs use) . I replaced this with the biggest muffler/resonator combo I could find, which was 2.5" ID 6.5" bodied beast of a thing. It helped with the noise a bit, and helped a bit with the drone, but I still need more resonator. The car literally hurts your ears from the drone at about 2000-3500rpm, which is exactly where it sits on the highway etc.

When I got the car it was SLAMMED to the ground with maybe 2 inches total ground clearance. As a result the B pipe/midpipe is battered and scraped up beyond recognition. It was 3" at some point but isn't even round anymore. It has been dragged and scraped and crushed so many times.

I finally was able to swap back to the original DC5R suspension (from a donor facelift before) have a bit more ground clearance. I'm wondering if I can put a LONG 3.5" bodied (2.5" internal diameter) resonator to work at two purposes.
1. It is cheaper than paying for actual pipe to replace my used and abused midpipe. 2 45 degree mandrel bends for the piece just after the DC header, then possibly a LONG resonator to replace the bashed section of the midpipe. Piping is expensive in Jamaica, but i can order a 26" or 30" long resonator for under $50USD.
2. It might help to cut the rasp.

My main issue right now is that the car is currently in storage, and I can't access it for a few weeks, so i have NO idea how long a resonator I can actually go with, or even if it'll help the sound.

Try not to laugh at the before pics of my exhaust. It is shameful.

All that said, ideally I'd love to get an APEXi WS2 for it, since this is what I had on my accord years ago and LOVED the tone, but it is price/availability prohibitive out here, would cost me easily over 15% what I paid for the car for the full catback, which is why I'm putting things back together piece by piece.

At least the DC header was in reasonably good shape, just needed to be sanded and re-sealed and then wrapped.

Thanks everyone

Hoping to make this a semi-daily driver eventually20210813_092629.jpg20210813_092642.jpg20210813_092735.jpg20210813_092740.jpgs-l1600.jpg20210813_092637.jpg
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