Buying a daily and garaging the DC5


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Hi all,

In the next 2 weeks we will be getting the guys to our first home, woo!

The commute to work now will be 32ish miles round trip and my plan was always to garage the DC5 over the winter. The misses has a Fiesta ST but we need something else as we can't both use that car everyday due to shifts patterns.

So what are you guys running as a daily? I'm looking for something reliable, cheap to run, high MPG and spacious. I have been looking at the VW group. Something like the Seat Exeo (fake A4), Golf, Passat, A3/4 etc? I'm thinking a diesel may be the way to go due to the increased mileage. I'm looking on the used market and anything up to 6/7k.

I've ruled out 3 Series, C Class and others due to reliability issues and high costs if things go wrong.

Throw me some ideas!

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Civic tourer diesel? Nice and cheap to run, good mpg, spacious and reliable. The only reliable VAG engine I’ve heard of is the 1.9 PD engine - although, that is only what I’ve heard through word of mouth - I can’t actually confirm that through ownership

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I've done exactly that and got a 2015 Civic 1.6 i-dtec as a daily as the DC5 sits in the garage - slapped on a Bluespark tuning box to take it to around 160bhp and plenty of torque.

I average around 60mpg, super comfortable, and reliable being a Honda obviously!

£0 road tax is a bonus too.


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Congratulations on the house!

I have a 2013 Honda CR-V EX (bought used in 2018 @ 21k miles) for the family and wife has a mk7 Golf Match 1.4tsi which we bought new in Feb 2016. Golf has done 56k miles without issue and generally gets treated like dirt. Probably averaged £2k depreciation per year so far and mpg hovers around 55-60(!). Had a mk6 Golf SE 1.4tsi prior to that which started to drink coolant at a similar mileage to our mk7.

CR-V threw me a bill nearing £600 last week (41k miles) which was annoying, but it’s only depreciated by £3500 or so in just over 2.5 years. I think I broke the headlight leveller accidentally jumping it on a bump on the way home from Wales :D. The kids were laughing their heads off, my Mrs not so much. It’s brilliant at what it does for us as a family, but I‘ll always take the keys for the Golf.

Both make the DC5 feel mega fast!

that’s my waffle for today!