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A. Extended Single Vehicle Approval, used to check that imported cars conform to standards for British roads. This includes switching the Speedometer and Odeometer over to Mph, issuing a certificate at this time stating how far the car covered as Km before the switch.

Q. What is the "C-Pack"?
A. C is for comfort, the C-Pack includes
  • Privacy glass
    Rear Wiper
    Electric folding wing mirrors
Q. Where can I get a rear parcel shelf from?
A. Japanparts.com Part number 100-013-005, listed about three-quarters of the way down the page in the link. Cost about £100.

Q. Where can I get insurance?
A. Try the insurance forum! Prices vary from £600 to £3000 depending on age, NCB and company. Shop around and ensure that you are quoted on a 2.0l DC5, not a 1.8l DC2!!

Q. Where can I get a warranty from?
A. You need to find a Honda dealer that will offer you a Honda Care warranty. These are not operated by Honda UK, but like all aftermarket warranties are insurance based. It is up to the dealer you approach whether they 'take' your car on, after all if you claim it does effect the amount of money the Ins Co pay's the dealership at the end of the warranty period.

Q. What do I run the car on?
A. 98RON Super Unleaded and 5W40 Engine oil.

Q. What are the likely running costs of a DC5?
A. It really depends on how hard you drive the car, in VTEC you will get under 9 miles to the gallon but that is extreme. Over a year here are some ballpark figures:
  • Insurance : anywhere from £600 to £3000
    Oil : £30 (5l 5W40)
    Fuel : £2000 (12000 miles, 300 miles to the tank)
    Tyres : £400 (1 set over the year)
    Servicing : £300 (1 regular service)
    Road Tax : £165
Q. Where can I find performance figures on the DC5?
A. Try the DC5 specification page

Q. What sort of bulb does the HID headlamp unit take?
A. Gas Discharge Lamp D2R 85v 35w.

Q. Where can I get a DC5 owners manual from?
A. There are a few places:
Q. How do I remove the front bumper?
A. Click Pic for diagram:

Ownership Tips:

* Check your oil EVERY week, the K20A engine eats oil at about 1 litre every 1000 miles.

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JDM Number Plate Info :)

integrad said:
I got bloody bored of getting pulled over for my plates so i wrote to dvla to find the exact rules on plates and keep a copy of this in my car for when i get pulled the next time by some idiot cop who has not a clue about the law on plates.Just for the record our cars never had European whole vehicle type approval and also sticky plates weren't legal because they never used to be reflective but you can now buy reflective ones and the last time i was pulled was because he said my plate was not reflective so i now also keep the receipt in the car stating it is reflective :xlol: (here is the email i received from DVLA...)
DVLA said:
Thank you for your email received on 28/7/10. Your email reference number is ------.

The Road Vehicles ( Display of Registration Marks) (Amendment) regulations 2002 SI no. 2687 came into force in November 2002.

These amendment regulations introduce a new regulation 14A, making special provision in relation to the size and spacing of characters in the registration number of some imported vehicles. These regulations also include the display of motorcycle sizes for number plates on imported vehicles. The provision only applies to vehicles imported into the UK which do not have European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval, and are so constructed, that the area available for the fixing of the registration plate precludes the display on the plate of a registration number in conformity with the requirements of regulation 14.

Also contained is an amendment to regulation 3, to prohibit the use of a number plate on which the background is patterned or textured, or gives that appearance.

Where a vehicle has been allocated a UK registration number, the number plate must comply with the specification and standards laid out in the Road Vehicles (Display of Registration Marks) Regulations 2001, as amended. Certain imported vehicles may be permitted to display numberplates with smaller characters if the vehicle does not have European Community Vehicle Type Approval and the vehicle's construction/design cannot accommodate standard size numberplates.

The dimensions for the smaller sized plate are:

• each character in the registration number must be 64mm high
the width of each character of the number, other than the letter 'I' and the figure '1' must be 44mm

• the width of every part of the stroke forming a character in a number must be 10mm
the spacing between any two characters within a group must be 10mm

• the vertical spacing between groups of characters must be 5mm

• the width of a margin between the number and the top and lateral sides of the numberplate must be not less than 5mm

• the space between the bottom of the number/character and the bottom of the plate must not be less than 13mm, but within that space, the space between the bottom of the number and the top of the name and postcode of the person the plate was supplied must not be less than 5mm.
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