DC5 Prices 2021 & onwards


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Yes the I30N really is a fantastic car. Very very capable handles extremely well and has to be the most specced car from factory that i have ever owned. It literally has everything you would want as standard. My one is in performance blue as well so it really stands out against most of its other competitors. My wife and i had narrowed it down to the new Civic Type R or the I30N but loved the way the I30 looked in performance blue. My DC5 was bought to use in the summer months on the fantastic roads around where i live (live near the NC500) i was just trying to gauge the current market and what people are currently paying.

I am more than happy with my DC5 its not a complete minter but its been well looked after with the correct paperwork to show that. I have absolutely no plans to sell and i do intend to keep it for hopefully as long as possible. It was a car i always wanted when i was younger along with a Golf MK4 R32.
Where about are you? I'm in Nairn.

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DC5's are going up on the USDM market. We kill for DC5 Type R parts hahaha. I am picking up DC5 Brembo front & rear brakes, front rear knuckles, front aluminum control arms, Type R axles, and rear trailing arms with parking brake cables for $1200 US dollars. For me that is a steal and I do not have to kill anyone hahaha

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Acura USA have announced they are to bring back a new Integra for 2022/23. No great details of engine or specs etc.

This could push up prices even further of the DC2/5s just like the Toyota Supra if they ever bring it to the UK.