Finally get an d5r


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Problem i found
1. Vtec engagement sound a bit slow than last time i ride it (i go idle till balance temp and drive for 4-5 miles after that i floor 75% of the paddle at 6k rpm and found out this problem .

2. Launch at 3k rpm and traction is bad , and the tire spinning not touching the ground balancely . also it went to left and right probably due to road . coilover xyz, no hardrace lower arm yet and every bush is oem (i think i should change to tein flex z ) .

3. Clutch to gear 1 release has knocking sound depends on how i release the clutch on gear 1 .

4. My target with this car is 260 whp with stock internal is it possible ? (Planning to buy hondata , intake , open pod and u name it . )

Sorry for bad english im still learning english . Thanks itr forum ! Pls do give me a suggestion