Fitting Buddyclub RCAs - Roll Center Adjusters


I have a huge amount of play in one side of my arm from one of tjese... the fact they dont have anywhere for a c clip is mentle... i can lift the ball joint up amd down with little effort amd the fact that it fouls on the cv joint at speed is very worrying for £150 i expected better...

Has anyone else had this issue??


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Chris. said:
It's worth noting that the Buddy Club ball joints are weaker than OEM.

Confirmation that Prelude ones do fit:

Only took me 2 minutes searching 'prelude' on the forum. :p
Found it ages ago mate and made the last post asking if anyone had the part number, nobody seems to be able to provide one and only one person has said "his garage said they fit".

Will need a bit more assurance than that before I go pressing mine out, no chance I'll be paying for a complete hub either 🙂


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It might be worth ringing someone like TGM or Performance Autoworks who should know. The latter have a Prelude race car so I'd imagine would have a fairly decent idea.


Hi guys.
I have Mugen suspensions, is it good to install Buddy club RCA ? Or is it useless :confused:

carl hammond

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I don’t think the drop is significant enough to need them, but happy to be corrected
The drop on the Mugen Showa dampers is 15mm, then add to that the drop on whatever lowering springs you have (e.g. Spoon 25mm) will give the total drop, so in the mentioned case only 40mm total drop so not necessary mate.

I used Mugen showa and spoon combo on both the road and track and there was never any need for the RCA's to be swapped out, if you have OEM springs then 100% again no need and Eibach I don't believe are any lower than Spoon so i'd say save the money and spend on something else mate