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Hi my name is Phil, I became the proud owner of a 2005 DC5 LS in Nighthawk Black Pearl in Jan 2011. I purchased the car from a very good friends father. The car belonged to his wife who unfortunately passed in late 2010. At the time of purchase the car had 28,585km on the clock. It had always been garaged and really was like a new car. I had been friends with the family for several years and had drooled over the car when it was purchased new in Mar 2005. When they came around to selling the car I was given first option on it. I have always looked after my cars, but especially so in this case as I never want to drive up in a uncared for car. The car is still in very good condition, just a few supermarket car park scratches. I cover the car at work everyday as it is parked outside in the ferocious Nth Qld sun. This causes some micro scratches of course but they are easy to polish out, bad oxidisation is a bit harder to deal with.
The car now has done 71,000km, not much for a 2005 model. I only have to travel about 5km to work so it gets an easy life. So far it has been very reliable. I have just replaced the engine mounts so it is feeling very smooth again (I thought I had a problem with the automatic transmission, felt very clunky, but it turned out to be the engine mounts)
Overall I am very happy with the car and have no plans to part with it yet. My only complaint is that every time I wash the car the rear view mirror housing seems to hold water and as soon as I drive it it blows out down the side of the car. Not sure if there are drain holes that are blocked or if this is just a design glitch, but that is about my only complaint ( keep meaning to buy a blower but never get around to it).
This is the only Honda car I have owned, but I have owned three Honda Motorcycles, currently a 2014 Honda VFR800f that I am in awe of.
Anyway I look forward to browsing the forum and learning lots of useful info from you all, and maybe even being of help to some of you.

Stay safe Phil.876F26FB-F773-43F1-88DB-D272F791BF09.jpeg


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Looks good. The iS/type S are often overlooked because of the type R but they are nice, underrated cars in their own right. Sunroof for a start
The water coming out the mirrors after a wash is just one of those things with these cars. There are plenty of annoying things you notice when you clean them. You just need to dry it thoroughly, try a can of compressed air to blow the water out