How to install Energy Suspension Master Bushing kit & Buddy Club camber arms.


Daniel Solymosi

Hi! First of all, it is a very good and useful writing of these images. I have a Honda Civic Type-R EP3. I hope you can help me.

I want to change my rear trailing arm front bushing like in your thirty-fourth picture. My problem is that this part is not available in my contry, and I don't find on e-bay wich will be the perfect bushing wich will mach to my trailing arm. I don't want to buy a complete kit as you did, I would like to buy just these 2 part.

Could you help me where can I buy these, and wich would be mine? Thank you in advance for your answer! I hope you understand what i mean.

Skyline boy

Oh my word, I'm struggling with the rear trailing bush, Ive had the bush pressed into the arm but its the two metal parts that you have to get at exactly the right angle, how did you do it?!