New DC5 owner from Berkshire


Hello from Berkshire,

Prevesiuoly owned an RX7 FD and sold it last year August it was a great car but far too complicated, so I was never confident to do any track days as though will have issues.
So after a few months of thinking, I decided to try Honda with NA engine which I think is the most reliable option for track days to have some fun.
First looked at EP3 and FN2, but they just don't looks nice in my opinion. Later saw some DC5 and decided to go for one. :cool:

So bought this, probably known car to forums and DC5 guys as it has been in UK for a while and still is fairly clean and looked after car.:)

Nice to meet you all, hope to see some of you on track days this summer. ;)photo_2021-04-13_09-05-21.jpg