Tie Rod Ends Fitment


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Hi there,

I was wondering if tie rod ends like the hardrace pillowball designed to be run inverted can also be run non-inverted? That's how they are currently setup on my car and along side the rack raiser i feel the previous owner has shot himself in the foot. I would like to return the tie rod end to the non-inverted style and keep withe rack raiser with my approx 40mm drop.

Wondering if anyone knows the answer, they are installed on a DC5R front setup.


carl hammond

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I don't know the answer regarding the inverted tie rod ends as such, but remove the rack raiser. They are known to be a waste of time and money and also cause more issues than they claim to resolve. This has been covered by SHG themselves who are specialists in such.

In your position I would remove the raiser and the tie rod ends and fit oem items back on


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I run area’s tie rods non-inverted without a rack raiser on YellowSpeed’s (without the washers in the photo as well)



I currently have OEM ends fitted, but have done some research on this topic in case I need to change anything once the car is back on the road. There's lots of conflicting information on rack raisers/tie rod ends online, but due to the variety of setups, it is highly recommended to measure the affect on bump-steer when making any changes from the factory setup.

I think the Hardrace inverted ends are tapered so will only fit one way into the coilovers. Therefore, you would need another non-inverted set to change it back.

For the Area Motorsport-style ones, the taper needs to be drilled out of the coilovers, but then they can be fitted either inverted or non-inverted and fine-tuned with washers.

Just to note - if you are buying new tie rod ends, some DC5 coilovers are originally designed for the EP3 Civic. Therefore, they use EP3 tie rod ends, which have a different diameter to OEM DC5.


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Hey Guys,

anyone have any experience with the hardrace tierod ends vs other spherical tierod ends? I just want to see if the hardrace is worth the extra money.

Its for a track car. My OEM ends keep splitting at the boot and I need something a bit more sturdy. I see the hardrace has a boot around the spherical bearing. Does this do much to prolong the life of the part?