YCW Suspension


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Why have I never heard of YCW? Anyone know anything about them?


Taiwanese suspension with a higher price & supposedly top quality. They claim to be different/better than the Meister/Yellow/HSD coilovers.

@Mebz how do you rate them?
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How are you getting on with them ?
Im looking for a decent setup for track days and occasional road use
I was originally going to purchase some inverted yellowspeeds (civic cup) however these do not have any warranty
There isnt a massive difference in price


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From what I looked, I might go with them after i'm done with my Yellow Speed's

  • M52*1.5mm threaded OD Cold-Drawn Japanese SAE 1020 Seamless Carbon Steel Shock Body
    – Offers superior physical properties and strength-to-weight ratio over lesser manufacturing processes
    – Black-Zinc Plated with 250hrs of salt spray testing
    – Proprietary ceramic lapping technology utilised to decrease internal surface friction
  • Forged SAE 4140 Chromoly Steel Piston Rod
    – Monotube shocks, although offering increased performance over Twintube shocks, have an inherent weakness; a load-bearing Piston Rod
    – Our rods offer a substantial increase in tensile strength over lesser-quality rods
  • 44mm OD Forged 7075-T6 Hard Anodised Aluminium Double-Digressive Piston
    – Our Double-Digressive Piston is over-engineered for superior strength, with anti-stiction and anti-friction properties
    – At lower shock speeds (Cornering), our Double-Digressive Piston maintains a higher damping force, offering increased responsiveness and stability
    – At higher shock speeds (Bumps), our Double-Digressive Piston maintains a lower damping force, offering increased comfort and control
  • Sandvik 20C Carbon Steel Shims
    – Only the finest Swedish Sandvik 20C Carbon Steel Shims are used, which are specifically designed for use in shock absorber valving
    – Offers superior fatigue strength over cheaper spring steel shims which lose their elasticity after only 12 months of normal use
    – Offers superior surface finish and dimensional tolerances, increasing fluid control sensitivity and smoothness
  • Viton Performance O-Rings
    – Upgraded O-Rings offering better performance and durability than lesser-quality O-Rings
  • Nitrogen Pressure Schrader Valve
    – Allows convenient loss-free fine-tuning of Nitrogen Pressure. For more details on why this is important, please see our Pressure Tuning guide
    – Gone are the days of using a Nitrogen Needle + Self-Healing Rubber, which are prone to leaking and, most importantly, makes it virtually impossible to pressure-tune your dampers properly
  • Silkolene RSF 2.5w Damper Oil
    – A proprietary formula providing consistent damping over a wide temperature range and superior anti-stiction/anti-friction properties with the highest Viscosity Index (VI-460) of any damper oil currently on the market. This British lubricant is the best performing damper fluid on the market today, as used standard by both Penske and Ohlins
  • Proprietary aluminium alloy bleed rods to increase creep resistance and reduce thermal expansion
  • Choice of damping adjustments
    – Simultaneous: Simultaneous compression/rebound adjustment
    – 1-Way: Rebound-only adjustment
  • Fully upgradeable: All Simultaneous & 1-Way dampers can be rebuilt/upgraded to 2-Way dampers at a later date


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They have been great on my car, I've got the reference series which come with the caster plates as well.

I'm not an expert in the field but others (driving instructors on track days) have complimented the ride.

From my understanding, ycw and m-factory are pretty much the same company.

Grinspeed are the UK distributor. Have a word with stevie.