1. ladykb

    Urgent Question on Castrol Edge 5W/40

    Hey peeps quick question! I've got a service booked with Tom at TGM a week Saturday but I need a top up of oil! Tom uses Castrol Edge 5w/40 but the nearest place to me that I can pick up from today only has the New Spec question is if it's still 5w/40 it should be fine right? Cheers all
  2. PeteMTBer

    A pain in the Gasket

    Hi folks, Was checking my oil today, which I do every 700-1000 miles and usually only have to put a few drops in to top it up. It was down on the lower mark of the dipstick, so had a hunt around and came across this: I dont know a great deal when it comes to engines, but i'm guessing...