17x7 et45 or 17x7.5 et45?


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Hi all,

I'm looking to order a new set of wheels tonight (15% off at Tegiwa today) but I'm torn between 17x7 et 45 or 17x7.5 et45. Despite reading through all the previous threads I'm still unsure.

Tyres will be Michelin PS4 215 wide and the car is on Spoon springs / oem shocks with no geometry adjustments. The wheels I want to get are Sparco Assetto Gara's

What width do you think will look better? I'm not keen on the wider stance with them flush with the wheel arch (which I'm guessing you'd need a wider wheel for anyway) - I do like them inset a bit, but perhaps not as much as Oem.

Any last minute advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!


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I would choose 17x7.5 so you can accommodate 215 and 225 tyres. I've got oem rims with 225 tyres on right now, the 17x7 aren't quite wide enough for a semi but are fine for 215 tyres.