2020 products to detail the car with?


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What would be the best shampoo to use on the car? I usually use meguires but turtle wax have made a hybrid ceramic shampoo. So many brands to choose from! What shampoo do you guys think is the best for a white DC5?

Also what spray wax etc is best to use soon as the car has been washed one that lasts with excellent beading?

What shampoo and spray wax combination do you guys use? Heard Auto Finesse Tough Coat is the best and easiest to apply?


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I mostly use a local company's products as it's all safe to use stuff. I'm wary as a lot of products these days are too strong etc or acidity.

I use a snow foam (ValetPro), then shampoo with the two bucket technique, then finish with a sealant in a snow foam lance. That cleans and protects the car without damaging any of my wax.

Raptor Car Care is the local company I use.

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carl hammond

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I Use a number of different things from a couple of companies:

Bilt Hamber Snow Foam
AutoGlym Shampoo

Then all other products are a mix from various of the below:
Autobright Direct

Occasionally I will use Demon Fast Wheel Cleaner and their Tyre shine, along with their Spray on Shine. I would say these are their best products and this is when I am out of others (have them as backups and quick maintenance washes)


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I’m on the Autoglym Polar snow foam at the moment Through a 12 year old Autobrite (local company here) foam lance. Dwells too long for my liking so I’ll head back to BH which was my go to previously.

Normally use Dodo Juice Born to Be Mild shampoo for general washing. LSP either a sealant (FK 1000p) or Victoria Wax / The Poor Boys White one depending on my hands. At the moment I think I have two layers of Victoria concourse, can’t remember. It’s still holding up two years on, but mines not a daily!


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Bilt Hamber Autofoam through a pump sprayer and then auto wash by hand.
Then usually Turtle wax spray wax.
But I've just coated the majority in Autoglym ceramic HD so will see how that holds up.

Thats the basics at least. Still alot of other products I use at intervals.

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A friend of mine setup Podium Finish which he has dedicated to the car enthusiast who wants to look after their car at home. It’s still early days and he’s looking at releasing new products soo, I mainly use his wax free shampoo but he also doesn’t a sealant spray which is amazing!!! Forum users get discount too. It’s very fairly priced already and lasts ages!


If you want to order let me know and I will get you the discount code

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