Adrian Flux Fees and Commission


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Just thought i'd make people aware of this.

I won't go into it too much but i found out that if i were to cancel my policy mid term, which is 771 pound - 100 of that was a setup fee which i didnt know at the time of taking the policy, then i would have to pay a 30 pound fee AND a 90 pound commission fee.

Ridiculous imo.



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They‘re jokers, I was recently forced to cancel my policy as they were unable to provide very basic business cover for me to drive to another office for work once a month.

I was only entitled to 1/3 of my premium back even though my policy was only 1/3 spent. That was after complaining and having some cancellation costs removed.

I‘m usually quite loyal to insurance companies and used to use Admiral for many years without issue and still do for the family car, such a shame imports with mods aren‘t covered by them.