Clean your steering wheel!!


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Hi all,

I thought I had to quickly share my experience with the OEM steering wheel.

In the first 4 photos you'll see the before pictures. I was convinced that the leather was starting to crack and discolour in the process. I had searched the forum and internet to see if anyone had any advice on restoring them but it looked like everyone had begun retrimming them.

I was quite set on keeping it OEM with the "momo" logo imprinted on to the bottom of the wheel so a local detailing company said to get in contact with a leather specialist called "Restorers - Leather care company".

I sent them the before photos below and asked for some advice. They came back saying to try cleaning them up with their leather cleaning product and brush. I really wasn't convinced it would make much difference but I eventually bit the bullet even though the postage was a fiver!

It arrived yesterday and decided to give it a go. I thought if I clean them up and put the conditioner on them then it will keep them protected from anymore wear.

Well as soon I started scrubbing the wheel the cloth was slowing turn black! The classic shine that the steering wheel gets over time turned matt again. After a good 15 mins the steering wheel looked brand new. Even the red stitching got a little colour back into them .

I won't say much more as the photos speak for themselves!


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I used Zaino leather cleaner and leather in a bottle on mine with great results. Once of the first things I did as it had JDM hand cheese all over the steering wheel :xaiweb3: